mixed-up mum

Hiya Dog Lover – Im back!!!!!

So sorry things are not good with you still – things are not much better here still either – I lost patience with my son again last night – (and I had to once again tell him a few ‘home truths’ and TRY and make him see his behaviour is NOT acceptable) so whither THIS TIME it will have any effect or not – remains to be seen!!!
He is siting his prelims in a few months and not doing well at school at all – and he does not seem to care – he seems to think at his age he should be able to go to bed any time he likes (even on a school night) well I do not think I am being unreasonable asking him to go to bed at midnight – but I asked him to put off his tablet and go to sleep at 12-00 last night and the look I got – like I was being totally unfair on him!!!

Im just sick and tired of the way he talks to me and the way he treats me – total lack of respect – hardly ever does what I ask him to do – or if he does its grudgingly and after an argument usually!!!
He does not talk to his father the way he talks to me and he does not treat his father the way he treats me – all I ask for is a little respect and consideration for my feelings…..

I have told his father what he is like with me IN THE HOPE of a bit of support from him – but its never forthcoming – he wants to be ‘friends’ with our son – and does not want to be too hard on him or upset him – so he says nothing that would ‘rock the boat’ – so IM left her on my own playing ‘bad cop’ while HE on the other hand is ‘good cop’ – makes me sick – Im the one who has all the work with him 24/7 and I get al the ‘grotty’ jobs – and I’M still the ‘bad one’ – while his father who sees him for a few hours once a week can do no wrong – I want him to step up and BE A FATHER – but he just wants to be ‘Mr Nice Guy’ all the time!!!

Bed time is SUCH an issue for us too – I don’t think in his mid teens I am being unreasonable asking him to go to bed by 12-00 (he gets up at 7am for school) in actual fact I would LIKE him in bed none later than 11-00 – but its bad enough getting him in bed for 12-00 at the moment !!!

He just wants so sit chatting on his tablet all night long – I try and make him listen and try and make him learn by taking it away for a few days – but he gets it back and before we know it a couple of days later and its back to square one again!!

He struggles at school as it is (with his Dyslexia) but also feel if he’s not going to sleep until 1-00/1-30am and up at 7am how can he possibly be concentrating at school and doing is best work on so little sleep – he is tired and grumpy with me at me – so Id imagine he’s the same at school too.

AS you say this is their lives – their futures they hold in their hands – and they really don’t seem to care…….

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