that how i see his new girlfriends tamra as my punishment, like he will fake being happy an loving to get at me in some way, but we all should know that it is all fake and how long can they keep up their act, my ex hates his life being put all over facebook so why does he allow his girlfriend to do it, because its all fake. One day his mask will slip and they will see them for what they really are, like we have. We all know they will never change and out for what they can get, like my ex sponges off people and when he has had enough he moves on to the next or tries coming back to me. Im learning to feel sorry for him because he hasnt got the will to change so will be stuck in this situation forever as we can all heal even tho its hard but we can all grow as survivors and be free and happy and that doesnt even mean being in a loving relationship with someone it could just mean being happy with what we have got now and want we can build and achieve. We can all still grow and change like a caterpillar does it changes in to a butterfly.

my mate told me once that everything happens for a reason and i believe in that, because my ex has defiantly given me some life lessons and experiences that i know i wont accept again. Some people are lessons in life and some are blessings. ive also learnt aswell that we cant control other peoples actions, so im going to live my life and think about me and what i want in life and achieve it im going to stop thinking about him and her together because i know for a fact it wont last and if it does it wont be very happy for long and if it does last she is in for a horrible ride because they wont change and we cant change them, tbh i feel sorry for their new girlfriends we know whats to come and they dont.

i think we should dust ourselfs down and make a list of five positive things to achieve in the next year as its new year coming up and rebuild our lifes away from them, yes its going to be hard because im struggling to but i know for a fact we are all worth more then this. They have had control for too long its time to take it back and show them they havent broken our spirit and they never will.

Stay safe ladies 🙂 .. sorry to ramble on but i think our ex’s have taken to much from us and we need to stop punishing ourselfs for something thats not our fault but theirs because they have got the problem not us.


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