Hi Timetomoveon,

Its really hard when our children are involved. I agree that she shouldnt have been forced down the slide, it was meant to be a fun time so i dont see why she should be forced to do something that makes her uncomfortable. You know them best and can see whether it’s control or not. You said you dont trust your instincts however you typed up what you were feeling so I think your instincts are bang on as you have gone with you gut and questioned what you saw and felt.

Him saying get a new wife thats just awful and to pull you back into line by putting the fear of god into to you that hes off so you can massage his ego and make him feel important again. What he could have done is listened to how you feel about what happened and gained an understanding of how his little girl felt too. Mine did that to me all the time -‘Ill get a new girlfriend and show you what a real relationship is like’its horrible and it used to make me feel rejected but I would go into over drive and beg and plead that we will be ok – thats no way to live a life thats meant to be love.

I dont know much about the control you have suffered but your family see behind his ‘sweet’ nature and its hard to face but deep down you know. Sit with your thoughts and feelings so you can get in touch again with your gut feeling, its there trust yourself.

lots of love

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