Hi. Thank u for your replies. Often when I go back it is cos I feel sad or think oh poor him or that I have done something wrong. He justifies himself all the time saying I don’t pay enough towards the bills. The truth is we do struggle every month and for most of last summer I didn’t have a job so bought our food on my credit cards. Now I have a part time job but after paying my credit card bills I can only pay my half the rent,water bills and Internet bill. Cos of this he says I don’t pay enough towards things and now he has said that I should see my kids less to save on petrol so I can pay more to the household bills. We have had this argument this very day. I refused saying that I only see them twice a week as it is. They live about (detail removed by Moderator) miles away, I only moved out to his way for it to be easier for him to get to work as he didn’t want to commute. Now cos I have refused be said he is going to tell everyone that I am a lying sl**per who refused to pay her way and share the bills etc. His work place is connected to mine due to the type of work we do. The thing is even though I think I have done nothing wrong I’m worried what kind of bs he will come up with. He Is a top manipulator he has lots of psychology books and knows about CBT therapy etc due to his (detail removed by Moderator). I have seen him sway people before till they believe all the c**p he says. I tried to be one step ahead of him today and after our row I went to his precious ptsd group and spoke to the group leader. I told her that he was initially referred to them after he broke down after being violent to me. I told her I had hoped the group would help but that it only seems to feed his n**********c self righteous victim mode. She said she will talk to her superior about it but I don’t know if she will. He has gone to the group now and I’m sat in the house alone fuming at the injustice wishing I could retaliate somehow. I’m seething inside with one pathetic side of me still loving him and the other wishing I could take revenge even just one punch. I wouldn’t though cos then I would be as bad as him but also I don’t have the strength compared to him anyway. I’m starting to feel like it is either all just Game to him or he is so full of hate for himself that all he knows is to take it out on others, carefully though so as bit to get caught.

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