Twisted Sister

Sending support to you!! loads. and i hope when you have chance to come back here to read these lovely messages for you that you will really feel some comfort and reassurance in their words.

Hopefully you will have been provided with sufficient to get you through the weekend and you will have your own support worker on Monday to touch base with for any support or worries you have.

It can’t all be shaken off in one day, what with the upheaval and shock of the day’s events, but the peace and quiety and space you have now been given, whilst unfamiliar and strange to start with will become your normal, and will allow you the time to become free of the awful adrenaline feeling of being under constant threat of attack. It doesn’t all happen at once, but at least it can start now, and you might not feel you can truly rest or sleep just yet, but you have the space to start.

I was horribly jumpy for a long time, but take your time and use the invaluable supports around you now, and us here.

I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you can be out of pain very soon or at least on plenty of pain relief and you have the peace to recover in.

Look after yourself and only yourself, noone else matters now, now its all about you and your happiness and wellbeing.

warmest wishes and hope you keep posting for more support if you can xx

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