Sorry, intense interest was me putting things politely, and confusingly, in hindsight,
His obsession with harassing and stalking you more like, better?
Behind closed doors being when you were together?
Well that’s easy, with controlling abusers it’s got to be their way, so if you are not where you should be, doing what you should be and ever so grateful to his lordship for nothing!!!then how dare you! Did you get the required permission! , do you see what I mean?
Your not doing what Mr control freak wants so you are the obsession at the moment. How dare you defy and not tow his line,
is he used to getting his own way karma.
How is he about his public image? the least attentive husbands and fathers still want their fairytale image in place, and this not to be jeopardised, and again they think how dare you?
Can you see Karma, that you are strong, to defy and
And withstand the control.
It’s certainly not weak to opt for the flight and sit it out method, and it is pretty successful, but I understand how we feel weak, I too felt I should have been stronger and gave myself a hard time.
I don’t anymore, I have my desired result and got there -long haul, but got there.
I know of many cases where names changes and opting out of electoral rolls apply, but of one case that the courts tracked someone down re contact through national insurance number so you can try to disappear, but ultimately you may have to turn and face it.
I think every month, year, counts, but it is always lingering that cloud.
I think the more distance within the uk between you, the easier it would be to walk the streets without the fear and constant looking over your shoulder, and God bless the tolls inbetween.
But the reality is that this puts off all visitor you would want too
X x x

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