Please don’t fall for his promises i don’t think he will mive out and if he did he’d be back.!!

I am guessing reading between the lines your daughter is a similar age to my son. For a while after i left i couldnt put him down when i did he had to be able to see me. He would scream and scream. Now although he screams when i leave him It’s only for a xouple of minutes he will play in a different room to me and never asks after his dad. Children are so resiliant and from what give seen with .y two and other children they adapt much quicker than us!

You will soon get into a routine. Don’t go back talk to the staff tomorrow. You are building a safe and better future for you and your daughter.

Maybe in time you could meet your friends somewhere.

I still find myself doing things how he would want me to or not doing things brcause it would anno him but it does get easier. Sometimes now i catch myself doibg things and then think after. A few weeks ago a threw all my clothes out that were red because he used to make me were red!

Keep posting you are doing so well. Btw i sent you a message earlier.

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