Hang on in there tight,
You need to stay put, returning home really isn’t the safe or sensible option,
As the other ladies have said you can’t go back home without a lot of things being set up to protect you and support you, and you can’t just go back home because that looks to the social services that you haven’t tried long and hard enough to protect yourself.
See what happens there tomorrow when support staff are back and can sit down with you and talk through your concerns , options etc face to face.
Moon, of course he is now saying he will move out,they are all so predictable,
He must see that if he says this, you will be tempted to return for the sheer reason you gave, and then instead of you being away and outside his control and reach , you are back and he can once again exert his influence.
You really need to sit on your hands rather than give in to his attempts to contact you, he now knows you have gone, realistically what did he expect after the last serious assault, I wonder , but then I guess he thought he had instilled enough fear into you, and misjudged your bravery and fight to keep your previous daughter with her mother where she belongs, and my guess is he is more concerned about what is likely to happen to him and how to stop that, or turn that back onto you than how you are recovering, feeling etc.
Please don’t be fooled, moon , he would have to really change and prove long term he has changed before you ever are in the same room as him again,
Think back to the horrors since just before Christmas and how no one should ever treat anyone like that in the first place,
I always feel harsh moon, but please understand that i don’t mean to , I just want to leave you in no doubt as to what you risk,
Please get all the help and support you can, and please think, post and talk things through, don’t make any impulsive or rash decisions,
Your safety,p and your daughter’s security trump everything else,
Sending you love and strength moon,
Well done for getting through this hard weekend,
X x x

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