Well done girl you are a warrior. Let her ferment in her own witches stew. I think we may have had very similar mothers and I too have a sister who really is a female dog. My mother called me the result of bad genetics, forgeting she is a terrible mother. She used emotional terror to keep us all in check. If she couldn’t boast about us we were of no use. When I ever needed her she was very definitely not there. She has a heart of stone,she rejects anyone who is not up to scratch. The way she used to fawn over her dog made me sick. The family even joked about it. My sister decided to model herself on her and is also a heartless you know what. She knows my struggles and then I found out that for years my ex had been running to her with stories of the dogs life I led him. Tell me who runs away from a happy marriage. I did and it got me in so much trouble. Yet my sister my mother and brother sided with him. Why because he’s such a good actor. Over the hols my sister rang to ask if she could come over. I said yes and made a real effort lovely lunch etc she then basically told me to look after my mum as she was worried about her. This is the same mother who told she hadn’t made plans and talked all round the houses so as not to give an answer. I’m allowed one call per week so the next week for badness I asked again. She sort of giggled it was sickening but I managed to get in got a better offer then for Christmas. Well then the bombshell your sister is coming over and has the use of a flat so I’m going there. I could go on. She used to beat me with a scholl wooden shoe the last time when I was nearly 16. She spent a fortune on clothes for herself whilst I went round in patched jeans I used to darn my own jumpers and things. Every so often she’s flash the cash actually once a year. She’s just like my ex as miserable as sin. She came to me on my sisters wedding day and told me that I wasn’t invited back for the photos as I’d only ruin them. Both of them and my ex are charming in public. In fact one described her as charismatic not a good sign. She told me I was the best and at some point changed her mind. Every conversation turns back to her, so I usually sit listening to tails of how wonderful she is at bridge. She never asks how I am. My New Years resolution get on with my life and focus even more on the kids. My sister can take her to live with her in her new palace and they can be ice witches together. I would love to have the courage to do what you did. My god did your mum have it coming. I’m glad you got it out there the more I read on narcs I realise they can spot a potential victim from yards off. My Mum groomed me for my ex, I had no idea how to behave around men and she gave me no advice apart from don’t go bed hopping as I’ve brought up my children and I won’t bring up yours. I was 17. I realised that the majority of males I’ve been involved with were narcs. Blimey this was longer than expected. It’s laughable that she calls you a lazy mum. More projection. They always have to pass around the sick bucket. My mother thinks she’s a Saint she put my Dad in the funny farm for a while, made up some story about him beating her. Lies and more dammed lies. My father was a lovely man I don’t he knew the half of it until the end. I always jumped for men too quickly now if I ever find myself in that position,I’ll play it cool. You are my hero,I don’t know you but I feel I do a little. Happy New You. Well done.

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