Hi Eve,

I used to avoid the news and contemporary issues like the plague in my 20s. I think because J had enough stuff to deal with, plus I think I believed I was never going to be as quick witted and eloquent and on the ball as some confident, outgoing and assertive peopleI knew. I just shrunk into the shadows.

Something funny happened every timeI did go outside this comfort zone, however. I would get good feedback on my performance.

I myself would be pushing to achieve these things. I think, like shoots leaning towards the sunlight, we naturally yearn to grow.

Fast forward to meeting my husband. How surreptitiously he tried to make me revert to low paid and dehumanising jobs. He didn’t like me being brave- it scared him. He wanted me isolated and scared.

An old tutor of mine once told me “Intelligence is confidence.” That’s all it is. Self-belief.

You always come across as very intelligent, eloquent and with a huge amount of emotional intelligence.

I know it is heartbreaking to think how many years we spent being overruled and controlled. Like birds in a cage. You aren’t happy at your present job and at being treated like you are by your co-worker because you have changed. The old Eve would have put up with it and maybe even blamed herself. The developed, wise Eve knows that there are people out there who will limit others and disrespect them due to their own need for power, and you aren’t willing to be that target any more. You know that you are worth more and that your experiences have made you someone who has more to offer, and a better life to experience.

Believe in yourself and your own power. x*x

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