Hey HUn

Hope u ok haven’t heard from u since weekend, u don’t need to justify yourself to him, he knows he hurt u and that’s why u left, please remember why u left to keep away from him, yes it does hurt and drinking seems a good way to forget it, u r mentally tired, focus on u got out hun, with support and help u will be ok, try and break all contact with him even break contact with kids , tell him he has hurt u and u need time to recover, if his missing his girl he should of thought about that b4 he hurt u, tough if its not fair what happened to u wasnt fair either, its normal to be fienone minute then upset next min, only takes a thought to trigger us off, next time u feel like calling him put a post on here instead, we will support u we have been through it, i know how hard it is, i myself struggle with no contact and did it in small bits but what help me was ladies on here telling me everytime i felt i miss himi ask myself why after all the horrible things he had done why miss a person like that, its trauma bonding, but rembering what they did and admititng to yourself it was wrong does keep u away, have self respect for yourself hun, thats the first thing they take away from us and make us feel worthless and that we deserved it, we didn’t deserve there cr*p treatment

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