Hi Moon. I hadn’t logged on for a few days so didn’t know that you had gone to the refuge. When I read your original posts I was horrified at the way your husband was treating you and really did feel that you should leave straight away. I am so glad that you took the courage and left and found a place at a refuge. It must have been such a hard decision to make but it most definitely is the right thing for you and your daughter. Please don’t even think about going back to him. He’s a monster who doesn’t deserve you or your daughter.

You are doing the right thing, please try and stick with it. I haven’t gone through anything like you, mine has been mainly emotional abuse, so can’t even imagine what it must have been like for you. It will take time to get used to being out of it and feel safe. I do think the refuge is the right place for you right now where there are people around you who can help. Would you feel safe going back home? Would he attempt to come to the house? You need to think of your safety right now and to me going back to the house doesn’t feel safe. If he has left and you do go back, please make sure you change the locks.

You have been so incredibly brave to leave. That is the first step and once you have had time to readjust and think clearly you will know it was the right thing to do. Give it time and give yourself the space to think and feel normal again.

Keep strong and we are all so proud of you. Big hugs. xx

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