HI Hun hope u ok, walking away is so hard specially when taking the abuse just becomes a norm , but with the rigth support u can do this, speak to a support worker about how u feel, i cried and cried months before i finally left, just takingthat last step seem impossible and hun if i didnt cry and speak to people i prob would of been dead by now , i can only relate to my personal scenario to make u realize u not alone, these men drain us mentally and emotionally till we stop functioning. in the end i just shut down to another level i didnt even think was possible, negative people tellimg me why dont i just leave, ex family telling me i didnt need to go no where as had full family support even though was getting beaten daily, arguments were non stop , was just a zombie walking about trying to survive. POsitive people like support workers telling me it was wrong what was happening,i didnt need to take it and giving me encouragment to find strength to walk away, they say we all have our light bulb moment, i used to think whats that and when will i have mine , it happens whenu least expect, u can try and try but they dont change cause they dont want to, dont let factors like u r rippin family apart stop u, they ripped the family not u, dont listen to anyone saying its too late now, its never too late, post on here as much as u need to we will support u. it is hard but not as hard as we imagaine it to be

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