Hi ladies

Sorry it’s taken a while to reply. Been a really difficult week. We are still in refuge and my little girl has settled in so well and hasn’t asked for anyone or anything which has really surprised me – she just seems like a little girl at mo so relaxed and has her bounce back πŸ˜€
Had a bad day Tuesday and decided to pack a bag and head home in the morning but didn’t get there as received a call from Sw to say if I didn’t return to refuge police would be involved and I wasn’t safeguarding my daughter.
Glad I didn’t as most prob wouldn’t still be around if I did !

For the first time yesterday I just wanted to breathe !! And felt OK – just feel like I need time to think about my next decisions and just relax for a few days – it’s sooooo nice putting key in door and having no knot in stomach and not having to rush home to make sure house perfect. We have had so much fun exploring and going to the park etc, my little girl is amazing πŸ˜€

Had lots of txs phone calls etc making me feel bad and saying he wanted her this wkend but I haven’t done what he has asked me !!!
I’m not ready and I don’t trust he will return her.
Am going to take the next few days to actually realise we are out of this nightmare and I want to find me again !

He had said he will move out so we can come back and doesn’t want to go through courts etc – Sw won’t let us home until we have orders in place to protect us…… But I’m not even sure I want to return now and that’s why I need time to make right decision .
I’m not sure that he will want payback for what I have done 😒
He says he doesn’t care about me only his daughter – haven’t even thought that my relationship is over aswell – don’t think anything feels real yet .

Had to go back to docs today re injuries as had lots of pain last night and been told I’ve got deep tissue burns and may need to go to burns unit so Gotta go bk to docs tomor.

Just want to start healing now inside and out

Sorry for long post and thank you soooo much your support is what is keeping me going and your kind words and hugs

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