I’m so pleased to hear that you’re doing well and your daughter is already showing signs of being happier. If you feel this much better after just a few days, imagine what you will feel like in a week’s, month’s time when you’ve had time to reflect and realise that you are in a safe place now and you can concentrate on you and your daughter.

Spend time on yourself now, listen to social services, they are obviously sufficiently worried for your safety to tell you not to go back to the house. And I think reading between the lines, you know it too, to keep you safe you need to stay away from him. He’s done awful things to you and now you need the time for yourself to recover both physically and mentally and then you can start making long term decisions. You are in a safe place now. Take your time, however long it may take, to recover and find yourself again.

You’re doing so well. You’re a strong lady, you can do it. Keep safe. xx

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