Hey Hun

Sending u massive hug, u r worth so much more and he never deserved you, this is what these abusers r like they make u feel worthless, i too loved mine so much , but they just cant accept us fro who we are and they try to destroy us, u like me r still recovering, recovering takes times, the police take forever getting back to me on updates too,so u not alone , its good socical services are not involved no more, focus on yourself and what you want to do and achieve, they have wasted enough of our lives , even if u had mothered him he still would of carried on hurting you cause this is what they r like, i tried almost everything i could think of with my ex to make it work, but all they r doing is breaking our self esteem and making us think we have no value. If he is leaving u alone it is actually good and will help u move on quicker, any contact with them really does mess our head, just hearing him speak with my son sets me off, thta why couldnt he ever appreciate me, again cause his abuser and they take there insecurities out on us, i think sometimes i feel so sorry for him the lifestyle he has, but then hun i think does he feel sorry for pain he has inflicted on me, 100% no, if anything he is annoyed why did’nt i break down,again there thinking is messed up , they mess with our head , hope u and kids r ok, again i think if marc a nd social services keep away its a good thing cause its another headache and a sign u r doing well to protect the kids and yourself . POst as much as u need to on here, us ladies are all here for each another as we have been through that stage or some r still in similar scenario, we need to talk about to it understand how the erffected us, there i sno time limit on when u should be over it, abuse is a traumatic experience, u have to experienced to know how traumatic it is , they will beleive u hun, i too think omg what if im not beleived, they will think im stupid for not walking out sooner, but u know what they understand more then we realize and they do give us the re-assurance we need , this is painful process, just take small baby steps, we cant fast forward this no matter how much we want, everyday i wait for when will he be arrested, is just a long process, we just got be there for each another

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