mixed-up mum

Hi I’m back!! 🙂

Everything has to be done on their terms – it had to be done their way, how were you supposed to be able to look in to the future and know at breakfast time that he would want the egg for his tea!!
But that is what they expect, that’s how you are supposed to live doing everything for them – its all got to be about them.
They belittle you to make you feel stupid and make you feel worthless, its all part of the big plan to keep you there with them, under their control.
Then they start to turn your friends and family away from you to further isolate you – that way if no one sees what is going on he can’t be exposed for the abuser he is….

There will never be a right time to leave him, but I got to the stage I knew I had to do it, I had to get me and the kids away, I was scared to make myself homeless, I was scared we’d have no money, but I just had to do it, it got to the stage I could take no more.
We were homeless, but things worked out in the end, and we don’t have much money, but we can just about keep our heads above the water, we are ‘getting by’ – but the main thing is we are free now – free to do what we want when we want – I am safe in my bed at nights and that means a lot.

Don’t feel sorry for him – if he has money then how come he can’t buy you out?

What you have to think about now is you and your children, you are the ones who are important – not him.

He had his chance to be a good partner/dad and he blew his chance – he is to blame – not you.

Your family will be there for you I’m sure, in times like this they will rally around you – they will be there to help you.

Good luck, stay strong, you will do what’s right for you and your children when the time is right for you.

Keep posting on here when you need help – these ladies are great.

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