Hey sweetie

sending u massive hug , all i can do is offer an ear for support for u to let it out, set yourself small targets, dont worry if u havent got away yet, youve done first step and got your own room even if in same house, continue to get support, how about writing a diary about how u feel, read positive posts on google , just type up positive thoughts,sometimes reading them makes us feel strong, its horrible when u have to be tight on food, google up meals on budget, one of my budget meals is boil veg and add packet of water chicken soup and put in oven for 20 min , sounds horrible is what i thought when i found on net but is warm and actually filling ,lol i only used frozen brocolli and frozen carrots, every time i have obstucle i remember how ex and his brother wish millions of bad luck on me and how they wished i would fall on my knees and starve and come bk on my knees begging them for food for myself and kids, call it pride i miniumised my food and put food in my kids mouth , cried for there bad wishes and curses and continued finding ways to hang on, my biggest strength is my faith , dont worry if u cant develop photos i just take selfies and save on my phone, i dont care if no one wants to take photos with me or call me sad i take photos of myself for me, i do small things like paint my nails and apply make up just to feel good, i read books to pass time, i listen to music so loud to block all my thoughts out, dont write a note think how u feeling sucidal , read books on abuse and make yourself stronger , write about how u feel ,lets support each another and not let these abusers break us, if they dont care about us , dont care either, u r important and never forget that. take a deep breath everyday, foucs on there is light at end of tunnel, if u want to cry, cry its good to cry, if u need to chat to me direct text me your no i will call u bk, u just have to message me privateley, sorry i still dont know how to do that even though be guided, being alone is sad, was isolated for (detail removed by moderator) years so i know that feeling very well , stay strong hun

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