mixed-up mum

Thank you Falling Skys – its nice to hear from you – you are so good at replying to people, and you always seem to know what to say.

Well things haven’t gone too good today, I stayed up until 12pm, went for a lie down, did just hear my daughter get up, then I drifted off, that was me then until 2-30.

We chatted for a little while, then I sat in bed and wrote a letter Id stared but never finished, I got so many sympathy cards when my dad passed away, and I trying to thank people personally.

Got up and ended up having a big row with my son, re food and washing – half the time he won’t eat what we are eating – so I have to buy and cook two meals.
Then there’s the problem of his washing, he will wear something once the leave in in a crumpled heap on the floor, or he can’t be bothered to take all his clothes off and just takes off his jeans, and sleeps in his clothes.
Well I don’t have a tumble dryer, and for the past 4 weeks I’ve not been able to get washing out, and so there is no clean clothes for school tomorrow.
At the moment all he has to wear is 2 pair of jeans and 4 hoodies – and they were all on his bedroom floor – I told him if he had to wash and dry all his clothes he would take better care and not just wear a thing once and dump it on the floor.

I said from now on I’m not cooking your meals or washing your clothes until you make more of an effort – its costing me more money to buy and cook two meals and its costing me more to have to wash and iron things that have only been worn once, he does not have that much clothes that he can afford to wear clean every day.

He just takes it for granted that if he won’t eat what we are having then I will coook something else for him – he is no help with food prep, he won’t set the table (unless I ASK him to), he comes to the table, gulps down his food and leaves as soon as he can, (won’t even sit at the table ’til we are all done) never helps clear the table, then that’s the last we see of him until I make him get off of Xbox and go to bed.

He just expects me to have his clothes washed, dried, and ironed all ready for him, never a thought as to how it gets to that stage!!!

He is at an age now where he is leaving school, and yet he still expects (and gets) me to do everything for him – well that didn’t happen today.

After our row I went back to bed, slept for two hours, then my lovely daughter woke me up, she had made the tea for me and her, which was so thoughtful of her – did it on her own with no help from her brother – he would not eat what we were having, and so he DID make his own!!!

After tea I just wanted to go back to bed, and slept again for another hour and a half.
Got up and spent a little time with my daughter before she went to bed, and I managed to sit up and have a coffee, going to try and get some sleep now…..but I have slept for 5 1/2hrs out of 13hrs and so not been able to do anything very much today, not washed a dish, not made any food, not done any washing, or tidying, nothing that a mum SHOULD be doing…. I haven’t even had the energy today to get showered and dressed, so all in all not a good day – all I managed to do was argue with my son and in the process fall out with him…..

What a lovely weekend – NOT!!!!

I just feel like I have no life in me – totally drained – no energy to do the most basic of things – I just don’t even feel like me – I hope this is just a tiny blip, and I will get back on track tomorrow……

Goodnight ladies – hope we all sleep well. x*x

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