Hey Ladies

Thank u for your continous support toward me, it means so much , specially when u havinglow day.

Ayanna – Thx u for making me realize im not alone and this process is normal and yeah its just takes forever to recover

Lisa – U say im in ispiration to ladies, maybe, i know i dont feel it but i’m glad whatever my positivity is does have a good impact on ladies,i still struggle to accept what happended, i see it as bad , something that should of never happened, but its not bad cause it happened to me,i will get there i hope in end, i never want what happend to me to happen to another lady and by speaking up i hope i give other ladies to get out sooner

Foggy – HI hun,your words always encourage to me go on, u say ive been through a lot, i wish i could see that i always sit here thinking ladies have been through worser than me, i don see my abuse as that bad even though people reaction say different, suppose its how we train our brain

On a positive note am feeling slightly better today,its lot to take in , but again i tell myself its the truth, whenever someone says things to me that is positive i like to share with u ladies, my support worker yesterday said to me what happened was so horrific but u have to overcome this and move on and only u can do that, no one can do that for u, no matter how much it hurts u have to accept it happened and how u going to move on, we can give u support, u can have shoulder to cry on, but ultimately u have to say im going to get over this and move on, so ladies my message is it will hurt like hell but some how we have to force ourselves to pick our selves up and move on , the same way we took that step to leave or r taking that step , only we can help ourselves, lets not let these b******* win , they broke us, we fell, but we all gonna get up and walk away like queens that we r ,sending hugs and love to u all xx

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