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    Lovelies, today I thought it would be good to share with you…. Because, I know that we have been locked away in our homes for so long, it seems! And because, for many of us our home doesn’t feel like a home! a lot of the time! Living with abuse! And many still can’t get out! Or Even, to enjoy time away. Just being free for a while! For many, the suffering is made worse by the lacking of green space to recharge your energy. No garden? to sit in alone for a while or to play with your children, have fun? or maybe? No lush green park to be seen from the windows, or from a high-rise flat maybe? in what seems to be sat among an endless view of similar buildings in a place that feels like concrete city! With this in mind, I thought it would be nice to share with those in need? the view from my window and into my garden. Allowing some to share my vision, by the reading of this,and escape for a while? I can’t disclose my whereabouts, that could bring harm to my well being, but I can openly invite you to leave your home for a moment and visit mine by this virtual doorway. So welcome!… I’m very lucky, I know it as far as where I live. I live near a small village in the countryside. The air is fresh and quiet. Apart from the sounds of nature at this time. The cows bellowing in the fields and the sheep bleeting. Around my garden the birds gather in the tall oaks and birdfeeder,so many different types. The larger birds like magpies and jackdaws sharing space with the small. There’s always Sparrows chattering and flying about after the food on offer. So busy around the feeding station when red headed gold finches fly in, to join the green finches that look almost to me, like someones Canary got out of its cage and came here. Other little birds, Longtails and Robins are plentiful here as are great t**s and Blue t**s. The blue t**s are my favourite. There’s never a quiet moment really! and the bees! They make some noise! if you have heard one outside of a busy environment? Particularly during lockdown! have you noticed? Everything in nature seems so much more turned up in volume! That’s good for us all, isn’t it! The conscious, are far less likely to miss the dawn chorus, birds singing or bees buzzing by us, but instead catch our attention. A happy distraction! A bee for that moment, teases for a while, as Something to marvel at! The joy of its freedom! It’s unique beauty, it’s dutiful life and it’s vulnerability! Happy in the hedgerow and my flower heads! Gathering for a while what it must and needs! we see, and then it’s away. Yes, I see this. And beautiful butterflies too! I have a lovely cottage garden, full of beautiful colour. Tall and small flowers that sway in the sunshine and in the breeze across my garden wall. Oh… I forgot to mention the visiting squirrel, I see now running along my fence to his food stores, he has a special box of peanuts and other tasty treats I put out for him. He’s a cheeky little chap! Watching for me each morning, with his breakfast! He likes digging holes in my garden too! Looking for his buried acorns, but I don’t mind, so long as he’s leaving my seedbed alone! I can see them coming on in the border now, something lovely to look at later in the year, when autumn arrives and all the summer colour has faded away. Oh…I hear, the church clock nearby, is stricking 3! Time for afternoon tea! What do you fancy? Freshly picked cucumber from my garden, in sandwiches. Then, do you see? the Strawberries, raspberries over in the corner, what about those too? With cream! I’ll take you through the patio doors we’ll eat outside in the garden, what do you think? from my garden we may hear the church bells ringing for evensong later. So, anyway, Thankyou for reading, coming to see my garden, I hope you enjoyed it?

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    🌞🌻🌻🌻🐝 πŸ’ž

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    πŸ™‚ πŸŒ³πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ¦‹ πŸ’ž

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    Ahhh, thank you for this, what a beautiful picture that paints!! And you are lucky indeed to have this. I have something similar out back. And I live close to the ocean so I have no excuse to not go and find nature’s beauty. I think it’s just hard for everyone right now, this lockdown and then their own individual things going on behind closed doors. It’s wearing on everyone, very much so. We’ve never been “here” before and it’s scary…. And when is it going to get better? So many things going on at the very same time. I’m just glad we all have this place to come to because it really is a sanctuary.

    I have always been an animal person and a bird person. Now it’s a thing with me and a pair of crows. They are highly intelligent, more so than people think or know. If you raise one you can actually teach it to talk like a parrot. And they never forget anything or anyone either. So I am their human as it seems. They even follow me in my car sometimes. They will wait for me and fly back with me as well. I went to my friend’s house the other day and he asked me soooo, I never had crows here before but every time you are here, they are here, what’s up with that? I said, didn’t want to say because you’d think I was nuts but yep, they are my buddies, little guardians. I was sitting out back yesterday and one flew in and was about ten feet from me on a chair just looking at me. I said, fine, fine, will go get you a hotdog. I did. Laid it up on the wall and he came and quickly flew in and got it.

    I used to live where we had horses and what a treat that was. They all have their little personalities and their bonds with one another and their pet peeves. Like I couldn’t ride one horse behind this other horse because the horse I would ride like to bite the backside of the one in front and he would kick her! My horse, which was the youngest one was very fiery and very protective of me when she got to be about 2 yrs. old. I then became her baby. The dogs would come running to me and she hated it. So she’d run over, flag her arabian tail, snort and spin about like oh nooo you don’t!!!! I would have my coffee with her in the morning. she’d lay down in her shavings and I’d sit with her. They don’t lay down much and sleep standing up so it was a real treat. She loved to roll in her shavings though. I miss her….

    And my totem animal is a hawk, very close bond with them. Every time I move somewhere I see one like the day before my move. Has never failed. Everyone always says, you’re a bit witchy aren’t you? I say – well, for lack of a better word, I guess so. LOL! Some would put a B at the front and okay by me since those calling me that are despicable human beings so I don’t mind!

    Nature can soothe us and that has been around here long before we ever got here. We have to realize, we quite new to the planet. Much wisdom in nature….much ability to heal and teach. Thank you again, this was very lovely and you know how much I love the virtual tour!!! X*X

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