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      I am crying happy tears…. I am in the final stages of being free…completely 🙏

      I received correspondence from my solicitor today and it was positive, I have help in place to actually divorce and be free from him… it is happening!!

      I want to run through a field yelling happy sounds 🤣 … I am nearly free and have support in place.. .. this train is leaving the station 😁

      I have all my ducks in a row… KIP, that stuck with me when you told me about ducks in a row…. I really listened up and got busy doing just that for 6 months and now I am nearly completely free, with help and support…I can feel myself growing, changing… all the turmoil, guilt, self doubt… pah! That was what he did to me… I have grown in strength since grey rock method and no contact.. it was the only way for me.. cannot co parent with an abuser and I wouldn’t want my kids to be around him as he will always be an abuser, it is how he navigates his way through life.

      Big love to you all on here ❤️

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      Wow. Thank you for sharing. We are everything without them, they are nothing without us x keep going. You deserve to be happy x

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        It’s a good feeling KIP 😁
        Thanks for your message and for your wise words, all of them … you helped so much along with many others.. even reading similar stories at the beginning of this journey helped ❤
        I Hope you are doing ok? This is a long journey and I know I will feel wobbley but I am strong enough for my kids now and I stepped in just in time before he poisoned our son against me, he was working on him just as you said!… I heard you KIP, no mother should go through that… I could’ve lost my son due to his father’s drip drip of poison. Thank you so much for sharing some of what you went through as if you hadn’t I don’t know if I would’ve stepped in when I did ❤

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        You did all the heavy lifting here. You should be very proud x

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      Yes yes yes this is amazing news @hereforhelp I really couldnt be happier for you.
      You so so deserve this.
      Go shout it as loud as you like you are free and can whatever you want.
      Ahhh Im so happy for you having a little whoop whoop here for you.
      Big hugs x

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        Nbumblebee ❤ thanks lovely… it is a good day today, I have been having more and more good days of late… never thought I could shed the self doubt, guilt and feeling like a shell of my former self… I am building up on me as I have changed (you and I have similar stories and married similar time… I never thought I could do this nbumblebee, you can do this when you’re ready… the waters are nice and calm… he never loved me as he is incapable of truley loving anyone and realising that helped me heaps).
        I hope you are ok? Big hugs and thank you for your support ❤

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        Thank you sweetie for your kind words means alot.
        Who knows what my future holds Im far too scared to look right now but reading your words of hope your strength your story really does give me hope. You are truely an incredable lady Be proud of that always be proud. Xxxxxxx

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      Twisted Sister

      you sound so happy, it comes out loud and clear through your words. Its wonderful to hear!

      You’ve made your way through, gathered yourself and now ready for the final push! Go you, and stay safe.

      warmest wishes


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      Well done, your oozing self awareness & confidence. Let us know how you get along through this brave journey

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