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      My dear sisters,

      I’m sorry I have been absent for a while but my thoughts, prayers and heart has been with you.

      This is quite probably the most I have written in my life outside of academia and I hope my analogy makes sense.

      I have used this surreal time to sit and be with all my hurt. I have read extensively and thought deeply. I have also cried, raged and sat stunned and overwhelmed. I have meditated, prayed and ask for guidance.

      This is where I have found myself…….

      I, we, have had or are in the middle of a huge car crash. Some of us have been discharged and are now finding our way on our own; some are in physio; some immobilised in our hospital beds; some are being whisked away to safety; some are being cut out; whilst some are still tangled in the nightmare of the wreckage.

      But ours is an emotional car crash. If we had punctured lungs, broken legs or many of the physical injuries, it would make it all the more tangible. But we are so badly hurt, so much so that some of us wish we could just say goodnight. But just like a physical injury can heal, so can our hearts and minds.

      If the bones in our leg were shattered, we would not expect to walk; yet we expect to pick ourselves up from our emotional car crash and start to run. Our hearts and minds are that leg; they need rest and time; you may have to learn to walk again; you may even have to learn a new way to navigate life. You may always limp but you will heal. But just like a broken leg, if you refuse to rest and reach out, you hold up your healing.

      Even if you’re in that mangled mess right now, the fact that you are here, on this forum, means that through that broken window, someone is holding your hand. We may not be able to pull you out, but we’re there, sitting with you.

      I’ve been frustrated with my broken leg and I’ve tried to ignore it and expect to be able to go running (or even walk to the bathroom!)…….but now I feel a bit wiser (though I suspect as time moves on I’ll frustrate the hell out of my emotional physio as I forget to be gentle with myself)

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      Thank you for taking the time to write this. Its so true 🥰 thank you escapee x

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      Perfect analogy Escapee, really resonates. Thanks and hope you’re keeping safe and well xx

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      Thanks for sharing and no matter how many car crashes we are in, we are all survivors here. Baby steps and keep moving forward 💕

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      Thank you @Escapee, perfect analogy. Then when we feel able to invest in another car, we’ll make sure we have a full service history and not let that salesman try a fast one
      Best wishes IWMB 💞💞

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        Oh IWMB…..that really made me laugh 💕

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      Really resonates, beautiful writing and thoughts. Thank you. xx

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      Thank you for writing and sharing this lovely analogy, and nice to virtually meet you. We will not only recover from this but thrive and become stronger because of it xx

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      This is such a relief to read, Thankyou so much ♥️

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      ‘Through that broken window, someone is holding your hand’ that is so lovely. Thank you for sharing xx

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      Thank you for sharing lovely, your analogy really resonates. Your last paragraph particularly strongly.
      Big hugs to you 💕

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      This is so lovely and true, thank you so much for sharing x

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