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      Ok so I haven’t seen or spoken to my husband since we left weeks and weeks ago. Then the other night, I was driving to pick my son up and suddenly, there he was, in his vehicle, right in front of me! I had been day dreaming whilst stuck in traffic and I saw his car at the last minute in the lane next to mine. If I’d not stopped then, I would have been stationary right next to him. I had the strangest reaction, I actually got really nervous and my hands started shaking. I managed to time my movement so that I drove past him and didn’t end up next to him but I kept looking in my mirrors in case he followed me. He didn’t and when he did go past me, he didn’t even look in my direction although he must have seen me. I got a bit freaked out by my reaction.

      I hear he’s not been very well and has been diagnosed with a condition and he’s put all the detail on his social media page. I haven’t reacted, of course. My thoughts when I heard was “what goes around comes around”. Is that really bad?

      I’ve had a good week. I have been going to my counselling and have my last session next week. It has helped me and I was actually surprised that I didn’t need any more sessions. The follow-up course to the Freedom Programme starts soon and I am looking forward to that.

      I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I must be a very strong woman. I have dealt with everything thrown my way so far, had my down days but picked myself up and kept on going. I have discovered DIY skills I didn’t know I had, I have gone out there to meet people (well I made a start), I have tried counselling my son the best I can, I have tried to stay positive and not worry about things too much like I used to. The only way is up. Nobody is telling me what I should do, it all really is up to me how I want my life to be now. I am kind of amazed at myself. I expected to be depressed and miserable but after the first week (and minus a few hiccups on the way), I really have been ok.

      So all you ladies struggling out there, life really will get better. Life is peaceful and calm now and I wish you all the strength to keep going through your difficult days.

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      Your reaction was normal.
      I freaked out when I saw the ex abuser on a bike. All what they have done to us comes back within a flash second in such moments.
      I do not think that your thoughts were bad. He received fast Karma.
      Carry on what you are doing and build your new life. You are doing great! x*x

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      You’re so strong. An inspiration! Well done 😘

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      well done hun, u doing so well , your reaction was normal, our body reacts immedidately to seeing them as we can sense the danger

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