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      I just need some clarification on my situation. My partner continues to swear at me, call me names such as pathetic, boring, a r****d. She has diagnosed me with a mental illness herself which I don’t agree with. If I disagree with her opinion she will b**w up in anger shouting at me, telling me to leave and won’t allow me to sleep in our bedroom. She will hide the car keys and house keys to prevent me leaving. We also have a young child. She has locked me in the backyard with my child with no way out of the garden or back into the house.
      She constantly tells me I give her nothing in the relationship which in some ways is fair but it’s because of the way she is speaking to me.
      She seems jealous of my relationship with my child.
      She has been physical with me in the past (prior to child). She has no respect for me. I have asked her not to touch me before and she said she is allowed even if I say no because she is my girlfriend.
      She is adamant there is nothing wrong with her behaviour and it’s all me that causes the issues. She complains about all my family and friends pretty much. I don’t feel like I have the freedom to make my own choices because it ends up in an argument or her telling me to get out of her house. She has said she will slit my throat if I stop her seeing the child or take her with me. She regularly says she will knock me out in arguments.
      Please someone just tell me this is emotional abuse and I’m not just twisting things in my head? She is always telling me I’m too sensitive and shouldn’t take what she says seriously but that’s still no excuse right?

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      Welcome! This is absolutely abuse!!! And you shouldn’t and don’t have to put up with it. Have you tried reaching out to local services for advice and help? Or family?

      I think the first thing for you is to realise that this isn’t right, you deserve to live in a happy, loving home and your situation sounds so toxic for you and your child.

      Well done for posting and keep asking everyone on here for advice, it really helps.


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      Hi, this sounds awful. It’s abuse. I finally spoke to my gp about my concerns and she was so supportive and put me in touch with a local support group. It’s hard to find out the person who you thought you would spend the rest of your life with can treat you so badly.
      I would also recommend the Freedom Programme, I have only been able to do it online but I know their are classes in it. Also read as much as you can.

      The ladies on here are amazing and always offer support and advice to reach out on here too.

      I know it’s daunting but know you are believed and their is help and support out there.
      Take care xx

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