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    What a revelation. I’ve just been reading about Adrenal fatigue, and it explains so, so much.

    All my life I’ve hovered around the 8-9 stone area, until a few years ago I begun to keep weight around my middle. I’ve almost doubled in dress size since. To be honest I thought at the time it was down to depression, and eating half a packet of chocolate biscuits (for example) for breakfast, or when I got in from work for comfort. I thought it was this coupled with not taking any exercise because I’d hit a wall of demotivation. I’ve always been able to eat like that proverbial horse though, so it didn’t make sense.

    I was also testing borderline thyroid issues, borderline diabetic, and having irritable bowel symptoms, as well as a change in my complexion. I had problems sleeping because of leg cramps, and they would wake me at night. So many autoimmune issues it’s too long a list.

    So yesterday someone mentioned adrenal fatigue, and my curious brain wanted to find out what it was, so I did some research, and my goodness, there were all my physical issues laid out before me, right down to the shape of my body now.

    I’m going to look further into it, but it has given me some hope that I won’t be saggy aggy forever and there may be a way I can avoid having to fill my underwear drawer with control pants. I’ve had more than enough control thank you.

    Will check in with anything further I find out as I go along.

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    hello ebony raven,
    yes, would be glad to hear about this and thank you,
    body profile and issues seem similar to mine…

    working on it here too

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    Hi, yes it’s a big problem with PTSD and anxiety. It’s the ‘come down’ from all that adrenaline rushing in your system when with an abuser or after an abusive incident. The good news is you can recover. As you’re producing less adrenaline because you’re much calmer, the system slowly repairs itself but it took a long time for me because of ongoing PTSD but understanding why I was exhausted for a week after a court appearance really helped me. Knowledge is Power. One less thing to get anxious over why we are so tired lol. Exercise burns off excess adrenaline and relaxation exercises teaches us how to produce less adrenaline. Mindfulness, calming sounds and music and a good sleep pattern. Keep going. I’m now fitter than ever. 👍

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    I think this might also be me. Although I’ve alwsys struggled with weight but I’m just so tired all the time! I’ve had a week off work and done nothing really except for worry about what my OH thinks about the fact I’m doing nothing for the week! It’s like being on a hamster wheel. I feel like I must work as much as I can because it makes me feel normal when I’m at work and also the more money I earn the more comfortable I feel because it makes me feel safer. However it’s a stressful job and just being at home is stressful. Multiply this by years and years and…. well of course you would be tired wouldn’t you and if you have used all your adrenaline when you are not actually under attack and not running away from a sabre-toothed tiger then what?! We are basically killing ourselves aren’t we. My ‘three am’ head tells me that this is all there is and life can’t change so I need to find ways to be here with the material comfort and find ways to heal myself mentally and emotionally but that can’t be right can it? I’m beginning to think that my ‘3am head’ is what happens when your body is trying to make sense of what you’re constantly putting yourself through living somewhere that is totally unsafe.

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    Trauma counselling was a real lightbulb moment for me. When we are traumatised the rational part of the brain shuts down, only leaving the fight and flight or freeze instinct which takes over to keep us safe. We have less and less ‘rational’ thinking headspace as gradually it all gets taken up by our self protecting basic instinct. That 3am head is what I ended up with constantly. I didn’t have any headspace for work, for working out I was being abused, for reading (the words just wouldn’t sink in). I was pensioned off my work with ill health but never managed to work out it was all because of the abuse until it was too late. I was trapped in that state for years until I found women’s aid and they explained in 10 minutes what all the medical professionals missed for decades. I was pumped full of anti depressants and treated for a mental health problem that was never mine.

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    Not to mention what trauma does to your body. Autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, fibromyalgia, hormonal problems, miscarriage, are all being linked to trauma.

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