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    So I’ve made a deal with my care provider to phone women’s aid next week. I only have one day that I can do this so need to make it count
    What do I say? How do I start the convo off?
    Due to mental health problems I never speak to anyone I don’t know and if I have to hubby is here with me telling me what to say so this will be well out of my comfort zone
    Is it all completely confidential or is there some things I have to go careful talking about?
    I don’t feel ready to leave yet and literally on just coming to terms with the fact that this is a normal way to live
    Thanks in advance ladies

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    The first thing to be aware of is that the lines are sadly incredibly busy. You may not get through when you call. So the first thing is to work out when the next time it would be safe for them to call you would be. And to work out a message with your phone number, and when it is safe for them to call you back.

    If you get through you can tell them anything. It is confidential. They keep notes if you want them to so you don’t have to tell them everything from the start if you phone several times. The line workers are used to us being confused and finding it hard to explain what is happening, so don’t worry too much about not knowing what to say or how to say it.

    The other thing that might be helpful to do with your care provider is to look into whether you could see an outreach worker. They have them in most areas. If you live in a city there may well be a drop in that you could attend. If not there will still be outreach workers who you can go and see, or who can come and see you. If you find the phone hard, and lots of us do, then you might find this easier. Obviously it is less confidential than online as they actually meet you and you will probably tell them where you live, whereas on the phone you don’t have to disclose that if you don’t want to. But it is easier face to face to talk, or at least it was for me. And whoever you see, they will work with you at your pace. No one will force you to leave before you are ready. They will just try and support you to stay safe, understand what has happened to you and make your own decisions going forward.

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    Hi, I didn’t phone the national helpline, I phoned my local WA, i was fairly vague, I think it was mainly along the lines that I’ve just come to terms that my oh/ husband had been abusing me and I didn’t know what to do next. The girl was lovely, she organised for me to go to them, which I admit was very scary, I nearly cancelled, which I’ve heard is a normal thing to do. Once the genie’s out of the bottle it ain’t going back in. They are mainly talking over what they can offer you,affirming that what you think your partner is(an abuser) or if refuge would be optional. Everything is on your terms, no one well make you do anything you’re not ready to do, but just getting the ball rolling is taking back control. Getting your name on the local council housing list, arranging to see a solicitor if that applies to your case to. Baby steps my friend it’s all we can do💕💕

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