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      My ex partner has given me a agreement to sign with some parts that i dont agree with and some being false statements.

      He has asked me to sign over my car to him (which im happy to do as he said I can still drive it).

      Its the part where he states that i can no longer stay over my parents house with our child without his permission as he has accused my mother to taking drugs (which is the false part off the statement).
      He also claims that if there was a special event going on at my parents, i would have to call him in advance and let him no that there might be a possibility that we might stay over.. Even then he could say no if i have a valid reason.
      In that statement is also claiming that i should not put my child in danger (i have and never will put my daughters life in danger).

      I asked him about the statement and what im not happy about but he has said (and i have a recording of him saying this) that if i dont write what he has stated in the agreement he is not going to agree with anything and he will no longer help me and will take me to court.

      He has put it in my head numerous of times that i will lose and will no longer see her again, but i have loads of screenshots and recording of him putting me down and calling me names etc and screenshots of messages of him cheating on his current GF with me (he has accused me of being the cause of his mental health).
      Would the courts be in my favour over his behaviour?

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      His behaviour is dangerous coercive and threatening and the court would take a very dim view. Sign nothing. You’re the mother and you decide where your child is safe to stay. Not him. Get some legal advice. Most solicitors offer a free initial consultation. Court is expensive so I doubt he’d waste his money. Abusers are liars.

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      Hey… I have to agree with the above comment please dont sigh anythink and get far away from this man as possible.. Hes controlling abusive and hes dam right rude hes got no respect for you or your child.. You should be able to go were you like m
      I can tell you from my own experiance hes trying to control you and also cut off your support network meaning your end up being dependent on him and thats what he wonts… Pritry much bow down to what he wonts… The get as much legal advice as you can.
      . You can do this keep your head held high and stay positive youv got this…

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      I agree, don’t sign anything. If he wants to take his chances with the court, let him. You have evidence of behaviour that is tantamount to blackmail – it might even actually be blackmail.

      There is no reason for you to sign over your car. It is yours and you use it whenever you want, he doesn’t get to control that and the courts will not give him the power to control where you take your daughter unless he has evidence that she is at risk.

      He setting you up. If you don’t already have a solicitor I woukd strongly advise you to get one.

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        I said he can have my car and still drive it as it is a really bad car and keeps having to get repaired numerous off times by him – im looking for a new car anyway.

        Im in the process of getting a Family solicitor to take a look at this agreement before anything goes forward, but im just scared off what his next move is going to be as he has said in the past that because his on the birth certificate he can just come and take her from me and the police will do nothing. Also he will take her away and i wont see her again.

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      It’s important you’re the resident parent in the eyes of the law, then he cannot take her. Talk to your solicitor about this and contact your local women’s aid. Try to cut all ties with him. Anything that he can use to gain access to you. He’s threatened to take your child and not return her and I’d report this to the police and refuse to hand her over until he has a legal access agreement. Any contact is toxic and he will use against you. They are good at lying and threatening so only act upon what happens not what he threatens to happen.

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