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      White Rose

      Not sure whether to post but thought this was as good a place as any.
      Since realising I was in abusive relationship I’ve been prone to anxiety and low grade panic attacks – by that I mean I can gain control of my feelings and talk myself down. Initially needed antidpressants but been off for well over a year. Over last few months I’ve had more “panicky” feelings. There’s a bit going in with my ex at the moment but for 90% time I feel fine no anxiety at all then all of a sudden I feel a panicky feeling, get palpitations and need to take deep breaths and focus to let it pass. It’s seems only to be happening when I’m a bit busy/juggling lots of balls at home or work, about to go out or about to go to bed. Lasts a couple of minutes but can go in for 20 at most. I also feel a bit tearful when it happens which is really bizarre!
      I mentioned it to a friend and she suggested menopausal cause (hence why I’m posting in over 50s!!! ). I had hot flushes a few years ago. They weren’t bad and seemed to stop about 2 years after my last period and I’ve have had no flushes for about 18 months now. What I had before weren’t like this, they were more typical of what I expected to feel.
      I’m feeling well, so dont feel I need to see GP. It’s not the weather as it’s been going on since the start of the year.
      I suspect it may be my subconscious reminding me things are still unsettled but if any of my more mature friends here (or anyone else for that matter) have any thoughts I’d be grateful to hear.
      WhiteRose xx

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      Hello there,
      I too am over fifty and don’t see why this should be a reason for this.
      However I’ve wondered for a while if it is my coil that is making it worse
      I had it fitted originally as my periods were so bad.
      Sounds like though with the stress you are under you don’t get much rest anyway
      makes panic attacks worse
      Any chance of a holiday in Tenerife?
      all best

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      Sorry that wasn’t meant to be flippant.
      It is so difficult to find the staff these days isn’t it to do what is necessary re household/kids etc
      all best and big hug

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      White Rose

      Thanks FTC. I think it is probably anxiety breaking through. Frustrating.
      Oh yes please…. do you know someone who will pay for us? DM me if you do 😂. I just fancy walking miles by the side of tbe beach between Los Christianos and Fanabe, a couple of ice cold beers en route, then a great chunk of local caught fish served with Canarian potatoes and a green salad, cold white wine.. and ice cream to finish! I want to swim in Los Gigantes waves, see the view from Teide on a clear day and sit by a pool sipping cocktails watching the world go by 😍

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      White Rose

      That’s going to be my focus for when this is finished. When he’s totally out of my life. When I’m free. When I can sleep well everynight. When I don’t have a n****e at the back of my mind nudging its way out of my subconscious, eating through my sanity.

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      oh well done, I like the local caught fish thing
      also it is in the headlines that
      so that is brilliant isn’t it.
      That’s an aim for ourselves
      I win the lottery and you are first in line lovely
      all best

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      Hey white rose I’m in the over 50 club too. I’ve been menopausal for two yrs with no real symptoms. I do get panicky tho but that’s usually when I’m super busy at work. However I know what the trigger is. HE is always in the back of my mind, he turns up in my area every now and then. There’s nothing for him here except one pub (he can go to many other pubs). I see no reason for him to be here. But because he’s always there, inside my head I find when I’m quite stressed panic starts to set it. I get very irritable and sometimes angry. I don’t believe in my situation it’s the menopause, I can only compare it to having too much on my plate, not being in control which is a massive trigger because I was not in control when he attacked me, he was.

      Dunno if that makes sense but basically I find panic happens to me when I get overwhelmed with things and it sets off this internal trigger.

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      Hey white rose, I am in the 20’s club still but also have panicky anxiety. It morphed into PTSD for me, but now I am jus mainly dealing with mild panics following my trauma therapy. I also worked with people with anxiety disorders in the past, in mental health. Anxiety and panic are common trauma responses, so it’s quite normal to be feeling that way as a survivor. One of my favourite ways to help is to practice grounding techniques – look around and see how many different colours you can see, count to ten on your fingers, inhale a scent or practice progressive muscle relaxation to around to ground yourself and calm yourself and put some space between you and the anxiety. Anxiety does more commonly arise when we are stressed as well. Exercise is also great because it burns off the adrenaline and cortisol that help fuel the panicky feelings/ x

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      White Rose

      Thanks dragonfly. I relate to the internal trigger. I think I’m more stressed than I admit to!
      And thanks everythingwwo I’m using grounding and mindfulness techniques and they do help. I didn’t used to think do but my mindset is different now and I appreciate I need to settle my mind.
      It’s sounds as if my feelings aren’t down to age which is good I suppose, as at least I can control anxiety naturally…. hormones would be a different thing all together.

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      Hi all i think its too easy to write all our symptoms off to menopause. I’m through it now, (detail removed by moderator), though everyone is different. What i have noticed is that the paranoia is gone. I always thought people were talking about me and that i wasnt any good at my job, so much so i ended up giving it up, tho (detail removed by moderator) didnt help either. Ive been on morhine for years and have decided to come off that with the help of my dr. I find in the initial days of my body getting used to the lower dose is also when Im at my lowest state mentally towards my husband. The anxiety is ALWAYS there. So i dont think that can be blamed on the menopause.

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