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      Wondering if it’s just me?

      Am watching something on television about abusers, one serial sex offender in particular, and just looking at this man’s eyes, he looks evil. His eyes are evil. Empty, dead, soulless evil.

      And my perp is the same…his eyes are soulless and dead and empty and evil. I saw my perp over a year or so ago, and he’d changed his look but all the mannerisms were his…and I was so unsure. Until he looked at me and met my eyes, there’s no mistaking the soulless evil in those eyes.

      Does anyone else find this? That their abusers have such empty, lifeless eyes?

      Love and light. LBP x*x

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      Mine had a terrible look before his assaults. A red mist I called it. Just as I went elsewhere in my mind during the assaults, maybe they do too. Yes, something dies in them and it shows in their eyes. Truly evil❤️

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      Yes, mine has dark eyes anyway but they turn so dark. It’s not just me that has noticed either. He also has the loudest voice when shouting it hurts my ears. Scary…

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      My ex perpetrator had the coldest grey eyes I have ever seen. It should have been a warning. As you say, empty, soulless, evil and dead just as he is.

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      The eyes definately have it as they say. My husbands can go from twinkling to soulless in the blink of an eye. He also has this look on his face as if he could literally rip me apart. Like the hulk. What’s also scary is the deadpan poker face they have when saying they said xy happened and you know it didnt but they are so convincing you really question your version of events.
      How they can say in such a conversational tone that if you don’t shut up or jyst do what they said asap they’ll hit you so hard it’ll take 2 hits. Him hitting you and you hitting the floor. How one hit from him and you’ll never get up.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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