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      I wanted to share something I discovered.
      I had terrible anxiety since leaving, I had my 6 free counseling sessions and that helped. But I still felt pretty terrible.
      In that I was triggered easily and anxious alot. I was told to go to the GP for medication.
      But I wanted to try other things first.
      I decided to try Shiatsu, it’s a Japanese type of massage/acupressure. I cannot believe the difference after one session, my anxiety is basically gone, I feel like the trauma was being drained out of me. After the first session i had to cry. The second session i cried when she focused on my abdomen area, maybe because of sexual abuse or the trauma of having abortions i have alot of trauma in that area and she brings it out, but in a healing way.
      I really recommend something like this, i jumped at her touch at first, realising how jumpy i was, how I’d lost trust in people. But I’m starting to relax, in general i feel so much better.
      Just incase this is useful to anyone

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      Thank you so much for sharing this Eyesopening!
      I am finding myself having a similar response since beginning my EMDR therapy, and I am not a fan of medication e.g. antidepressants as I found the negative side effects were actually worse than my C-PTSD!
      I go to accupunture but maybe Shiatsu is better! Thank you SO much for sharing this.
      Well done for getting out of your relationship, you’re an amazing strong women! X*x

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        Hey healingbutterflyebabe
        Nice name 🙂 thankyou
        How is acupuncture? I considered that but i had a good feeling about Shiatsu so gave that a go first. Never tried acupuncture.
        It’s really quite amazing the difference it has made. I think we have to remember the body holds onto trauma just like out minds. So we must treat our bodies too, i was doing yoga religiously for an hour a day for the first couple of months after i left as i needed it to calm my nervous body so much. But having shiatsu is like a whole other level of body healing x*x

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      Thanks so much for sharing – my anxiety is horrendous so I’ll try anything. I’ll look into this. Thanks again x

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      Thank you for sharing, I have noted what you say as I prefer to try alternative therapies before medication x

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      Thank you this sounds amazing. Did you tell the lady why you were there? I know from my therapist that anxiety and trauma being held in the body. If you can settle your body your brain follows and even notice how much a walk and movement like yoga and Tai-chi can shift and balance energy.

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        Hey Kitkat,
        Exactly mind & body are one. She also teaches tai-chi, I was thinking I will give that a go.
        Not exactly, in the initial session she asked lots of good questions about sleep, digestion etc. She got a good picture. But I only said that I had been through a very stressful number of years. That was now over and I was trying to heal. I could tell if I was to say to her ‘I was in an abusive relationship’ I would of cried at the start of the session aswell as the end….But I don’t think she needs the exact reason.
        After the first session, she said she can really feel that I am completely drained of energy, that she doesn’t always get an image when she treats patients, but she had an image of an empty vessel where all the pain was emptying. That it was empty but getting ready to be filled up again with energy. This made me cry! and she said ‘you have been through alot haven’t you’
        So I think it’s good they have a good idea, but details are not important.
        I am considering telling her I have trauma in my lower abdomen area, I don’t want to tell her why, but I know I need her to concentrate on the area.

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      This is really positive to read and something which I may explore myself. I’m currently on medication but it’s the same dosage as was prescribed nearly 3 years ago and before I had left the marriage. My anxiety is now crippling whereas I thought it may have gotten better after I’d left.

      Any kind of stress or confrontation just makes me ‘shut down’ so I avoid answering my phone, opening letters and reading emails from certain agencies or departments (Council Housing department is top of my list). Rewind (detail removed by moderator) years ago I was a strong, resilient woman with fire in her belly and not afraid to take on the world, I was a fighter. But now, even though I’m out I think I was naive to think (detail removed by moderator) of trauma ‘wasn’t that bad’.

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