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      I feel heart broken, I feel damage, I feel angry, I feel hopeless, I feel worthles, is everyone have broken relationship like this or am I making it too hard for my self?
      I feel manage my life without him, I have nothing to loose but gaining a lot of positive things but why I feel empty, I feel there’s big hole in my life. I don’t want to have new relationship until I am ready. But I feel empty, and stupid enough I want my ex to feel that big hole even I realise it is not possible as i know it’s pointless. I can’t trust him, my wound is not heal and i know it will take long time to heal. Why can I stop thinking about him. Why can I stop this flash back which giving me nightmares in my life!

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      Dear MP, I am sorry to hear that you feel this. If it is any consolation to you, i feel 100% the same way. One website that I was looking at seems to help, i am going to try using it more, it is called DISTRESS TOLERANCE, here it is …………….. (I cannot help thinking despite the unbearable pain and despair you feel now, you did the right thing for your long term well being).

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      Hi HA,
      Thank You for the link.
      You have been so supportive when I don’t even know if I can do it anymore. Everthing is so confusing. I wish I can just leave everything behind, get new bf, move on but that’s not what I want. I want to get over this properly so one day if I looked back at this moment I know I learnt from this and have better life.

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      You aren’t exaggerating. Abuse is horrendous- it causes immense harm.

      People who haven’t been through it don’t understand.

      Make sure you continue to talk it out and try to access some local support.

      I am glad you feel angry. That is good. It shows you have fight in you and a sense of justice, and a sense of your own rights. Channel that energy into something that will increase your confidence. You aren’t worthless, though abuse makes us feel that way. You are as special as the next person.

      You will grow in strength. I promise. Once day, the memory of him will be like an old scab that causes you discomfort and irritation sometimes, and that you often forget is there- not a gaping wound causing you constant pain.đź’›

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      Hi Serenity,
      Thank you so much for the advice it is really making me stronger. You are right most people f my friend don’t understand what situation I’m in.
      I really looking forward for that day. When I think what happen I don’t feel pain. Atm all the flash back is killing my soul. Sometime I feel I can’t bare it anymore. But I have to make sure I through this moment for a better days ahead.

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      it is hard at the begining, but slowly we get stronger, again if u feel angry thats good u r processing pain, we would all love to fast forward to next part of our life but this process will really make us reflect on what happened so it doesnt happen again, keep reaching out for support

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