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    Just when I think I’m
    Ok my anxiety rears it’s ugly head. I just wonder if this is normal? I haven’t had anxiety for many many months. Suddenly out of nowhere I have these pangs in my stomach feeling like I’m not in a safe place. I know in my self I am being irrational.panic sets in 🥺 Does anxiety creep up on us for no good reason. I’ve been comfort eating ☹️So that makes me feel better then worse xx I know I need to address this sooner rather than later. Maybe this is all part of the slow process of healing god knows xx sorry I’m being depressing!! Needed to get this out though xx ❤️

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    I’m having the same problem. And the strange thing is, I’ve never been an anxious person. I think I made such a huge error of judgement with him that I doubt myself all the time. Over the tiniest thing. Been in my job over (removed by moderator) years and suddenly think I can’t do it. Worry that bad things are about to happen. I think, I hope, it’s just part of the recovery process x

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    Hey flower, well it’s either the past haunting you or there are things in the present that you feel anxious about but maybe aren’t able to pinpoint because there are two or more things occuring; it seems to get complex when it is a combintion of things for most people, like complex very quickly / wood trees thing; or there is something troubling you in the pesent and it’s also stirring the past. Quite often we feel anxious when we know we need to act but feel unable to give the self what we need, thus get stuck in it. Comfort eating is a quick fix isn’t it and a way to cope, like reaching for alcohol; anything else you could reach for? Something else? Yoga? A run etc? Anything relaxing?

    You tried writing down your thoughts to try and unpack it a bit more? Might be some links? Might see some that you identify as being from the past?

    Google CBT 11 irrational beliefs, see if you can put any into these categories, can help us to identify if they are irrational or if it’s because you need to act, fight or take flight, find a solution or put them aside, see them for what they are. Big hugs to you lady xx

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    Hi chik is it linked to seeing that family member when you were out? It’s probably all part of the process we go through, but you recognize it for what it is, a passing phase. Soon we’ll have lighter nights and if you’re anything like me it gives me the energy to eat well and exercise out in the fresh air. Take some time to relax every day, listen to some nice chilled music or meditation and breathe…. xx

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    Anxiety is part of recovery yes.
    Every week I’m anxious about something else. Always new things. It’s exhausting, consuming and my self-esteem takes a big hit.
    E.g. A new cafe opened up in my street. Normally I would think, great, I can get my lunch there from now on, that’s handy. But instead I am not happy at all about it, I already wished it would burn down to the ground. Because I still see danger everywhere I think how all customers sitting in that cafe will have a direct view of the front door of my building able to keep track of the movements of its inhabitants. I imagine a psychopath with stalking tendencies will sit there watching my every move. Needless to say this is irrational fear. The cafe hasn’t even opened yet. I am in no danger. And to counter attack my fear, when it’ll open, I’ll go and order a coffee and sit there myself. There! In your face anxiety!

    I agree with Fizzy. Assess if it’s irrational fear or real danger you are in. Let you fear speak to you and listen to it fully. Acknowledge it, let it have its voice because it never was allowed one when you were abused. Then counter argue with rational thoughts. See which it is – genuine fear or irrational one – and act upon it. Soothe yourself by being very gentle and loving with yourself if the fear is irrational. Take action, be assertive, move heaven and earth to change your situation immediately if the danger is real.

    And above all keep breathing. Concentrate on breathing. Calming yourself. Telling yourself you’ll be ok. It will pass. You’ll be ok in a week.
    Sending big hugs as well lovely 💕

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    My anxiety comes and kicks me in the a*s frequently..

    Sometimes I can pin point why, other times I can’t.

    Some days it’s low level, others it leaves me on the ground in tears.

    I think it is part of healing. Your body was on red alert for how ever long you were with your partner, switching that fight or flight mechanism off won’t happen over night. It will take a long time.

    It’s something I hate my ex for. He made my life hell and his parting gift was this anxiety.

    Keep strong though. You got this and you will have good days again.

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    Thank you ladies ❤️ I feel better today – someone triggered me off by saying they would do leave if I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t meant but it triggered me off really badly. I know that I’d be ok on my own but when threatened with it I’m a crumbling mess. It’s trauma and conditioning I know it is – something’s just stay dont they xx but yeh I’m getting there I just have to see myself as less vulnerable and more of the warrior princesses we are ❤️

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    Dude, I know what you mean. Anxiety is the worst disease. You don’t hurt anything but you’re going crazy. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been suffering from anxiety for several years. I couldn’t stay home alone and was afraid of closed rooms. As a result, I went to a doctor and was advised to try (detail removed by moderator) and anxiety. I’ve got rid of my anxiety and I suggest you try it. And you should definitely see a doctor!



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    I suffer from anxiety and back early last year it was so bad I ended up in hospital having ecg and rests !! Thought I was seriously ill but it was the anxiety and thats what it does to you! It effects us all differently but yes it can go away then flare up out of nowhere, and until someone has actually had a full blown panic attack they dont know what it feels like. Before I devolved anxiety I thought a panic attack was just over worrying or an intense period of worry oh boy was I wrong! My first panic attack happened in work out of the blue, i had a tingling sensation all over my body didnt know what was happening, then I felt like I was going to faint off so had to lay on thr floor..then all of a sudden an intense sharp pain that radiated from my heart up to my throat down my arms I honestlu thought I was dying, I cant describe it but felt a huge sense of impending doom , it was absolutely horrible ive onky had a handful since and now it’s just anxious geelings which through cbt meditation, ive manged to keep under control. I highly recommend cbt and also YouTube videos, podcasts on anxiety meditation. Dont worry you are OK:) just deep breathe and keep thinking its your body telling you to slow down, anxiety is horrible it really is but it can be kept under control:)

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    Just a little something to add here as this is a huge problem for so many of us – there are some factors in our environment that contributes to anxiety. One is the amount of EMF waves that bombard us every day from power lines, microwaves, cell towers, our own cell phones, smart meters on our house or flat and smart devices like TV’s. We are lit up with this and it affects our immune system, mood, sleep, etc.

    Florescent light bulbs are a big no-no. If you have some maybe on your desk or in your kitchen, I highly recommend you get rid of them. They will absolutely make you irritable and anxious. They will also give people migraines. Natural light or just regular light bulbs are much better.

    Having your cell phone on your body is sooo not good. I see women put them in their bras and I’m going Noooo, don’t do that!!! And we wonder why we have so much breast cancer? Or, they will put them close to their babies. Yikes! Men put them in their pockets, so do women. They should never be touching you. They put out alot of radiation and should be 6 feet away from you when you sleep or not in your bedroom at all but like that’s going to happen, right? LOL!

    Putting your laptop on your lap is also very bad for sexual organs on men and women. Microwaves are quite bad all by themselves. I try and use mine very very little. And won’t allow a child or a baby to be in the same room if I turn it on. The radiation that goes out from them actually goes farther than you think.

    There are several videos out about – the truth about smart meters. It’s good to educate yourself and to look to see where a smart meter is on the outside wall of your dwelling. Many people report being sick alot from the radiation that comes from these meters and you can protect yourself.

    Aluminum foil is actually quite effective, all puns aside about tin foil hat people. You can put a layer of it on the inside wall where the smart meter is and that should help. If you own your home then you can cover the outside meter with foil as well. Look up EMF Knowledge and they talk about this. If you do choose to put your laptop on your lap, simply put a layer of tin foil between you and your laptop.

    Grounding is good too – which simply means going barefoot on the ground outside a bit every day. I’m a huge barefoot person. I hate shoes. I also notice that when I go to the beach and lay on the earth, I come home like a noodle (sunshine helps that, too).

    So what is in our environment really does affect us, especially when it comes to these waves that go through us all the time. Living close to a cell tower doesn’t help either and they are everywhere nowadays. It all messes up our circadian rhythm as well and can be a big reason why people don’t sleep well. Getting a SAD therapy light can really help, too.

    And last but not least, eating alot of carbs/sugar will absolutely make you do the yo-yo thingie. Bring you up and drop you like a brick. Eating little healthy meals and not binging on unhealthy stuff goes a long way to keeping you more balanced with moods.

    With the virus thing still going on here, we are spending alot of time indoors and around all these things in our homes or flats that are bombarding us constantly in a small area. Just something to think about! Anything that helps us not get anxious is a plus.

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