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    We have a communal garden in refuge and my room is ground floor. No one seems to be thinking of the advice from the government and that play parks are shut for a reason. Instead mums are meeting up with their children and playibg-usuallu right outside my window. It’s bothering me so much that no one is discouraging it- we don’t share kitchens, bathrooms, living areas here so i can’t see how this is OK? I’ve mentioned my concerns to ffs staff but they haven’t done anything

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    HI, I’m sorry to hear you’re being really anxious with this. This is a really difficult time. Can you look at it that everyone in the refuge is basically your’family members’,so long as they aren’t interacting with people outwith the house and no one is showing any signs of infection you are all in isolation. Take deep breaths, and keep talking, we’ll all help each other through this💞💞 your fears are real and should be being addressed
    Live and light

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    Please express your very real and proper worries to your own key worker.

    Kwy workers running the refuge will want to make refuge a safe place for all.

    I am sorry that you are currently facing this.

    It can be taken on board very easily.

    Take care and hope you feel safe soon x

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    Hello SC, it’s great you have raised your concerns, it’s always good to not assume someone else is dealing with this, has it covered, we all need to try and tighten our protection where ever possible; could you request some feed back on the staff discussion regarding this – see if they’ve got anywhere with it yet? I would think at the very least they could reiterate hand washing entering and on leaving the garden? Cleaning of garden toys and seating after use? No gatherings of more than 2, or only one to two families at a time? Depends on how much space there is, social distancing of 2m needs to adhered to.

    Are these children in and out of the refuge or self isolating in the refuge? If you’re all self isolating then it’s less of a problem isn’t it, guess it’s when you have visitors, which I think is the group you fall into isn’t it.

    If I were you I would operate with the false assumption everyone has the virus, I would try to keep my room a contamination free zone, so maybe wipe it down most days. Keep the window shut until the garden is closed or empty; hand wash or alcohol rub after touching anything outside of the room, especailly the doors; maybe take your air and exercise away from the refuge when you can? I’d wipe down anything your children use as well, before use and anything you bring into your room like shopping. Get them to do a good hand wash as soon as they enter your room and wipe down anything they bring with them.

    Can you talk to people from behind the safety of your window who are outside? Might be a useful way to stay connected with people in a safe way – arranging to meet for a chat at your closed window?

    All any of us can do is try to keep ‘our shield’ as tight as possible, if you can not rely or depend on others then don’t – try to workout ways you can protect you and your children knowing this x

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