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    Im at bursting point and yet i still cant ask for help. Why cant i make myself just do it? I guess ive asked for help so many times before when being desperate and just bern let down. I guess its easier to just struggle alone some more.

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    I feel the same alittlelost. I’ve been badly let down by professionals and just now actually by someone who I thought was a friend.

    Sometimes it does just feel easier to rely on yourself alone.

    Thinking of you, take care x x

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    You can do this yourself. I recorded the assault and gave it to the police. I had to take charge and just go for it. I was dying inside and it was going to be me or him and my survival instinct took over.

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    Yes I did it myself. It wasn’t easy and there is no magic wand, but I found it was a journey and I met so many many lovely helpful professionals. You need to make a list of people who can help you. Speak to your GP and ask to have a record in your notes that you are being abused. If it is getting you down, say so. It’s all evidence, for example in the future you may need to have your GP tell court that you were treated for depression caused by your abuser for example. It’s all simple with no hidden Surprises. No one can see inside your head and no one can describe the abuse except you. Be your own best friend. If the bad things happened to a female you love, such as a little sister, how would you help her? Do the same for you. Going to the police is very very hard. It took me so long to get the courage. It was only after speaking with a counsellor that I felt supported to do it. It was the best thing I could have done, nothing can replace the feeling of safety that I have now. Making the statement was hard but it was therapy as well, of a kind 🙏. Please, make that list and build a circle, a network of professionals and take a little help from each and from this forum. It will work.

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    I’m with you of this one too alittlelost andthehopethatkills

    It’s crushing when you’re let down by those you need to lean on in hard times.

    Something will suddenly come to you I’m sure. Something from somewhere a sudden surge of energy and light to just do it.

    Stay safe

    Standing right beside you.

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