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      I had heard through friends that a friend wasn’t well. I knew she is private person so didn’t intrude. However I was shocked when she told me how she had been treated by medical profession. She had been suffering from periods of listlessness tiredness and as a result emotionally vulnerable. She was also anemic things were not getting better and she was more anxious medication was upped. Things proceeded to get even worse her hair started to fall out and other presentations. Off to the Doctors they weren’t listening. Eventually she went with her husband everything was put down to her state of mind and wait for it they wanted to have her admitted to a psych ward. Now I now theirs woman was going regularly to her doctors obviously pushing to get a diagnosis. She and her husband left the Doctors and she went to another practise and low and behold she has leukaemia and a diagnosis of diabetes another reason for her weight loss . This poor woman nearly died the Doctor at the new practise was appalled by the lack of care. This I have to tell you has been going on for at least (detail removed by moderator) years. Better than that the doctor at the previous practise was female and described this woman as histrionic and that her symptoms were all psychosomatic. Something needs to flagged up about women’s treatment at the hands of the  (detail removed by moderator). I had a very hard time trying to covince my gps that I was the victim of domestic abuse why because I have a diagnosis of bipolar.

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      This was awful to read but sadly I too know of a woman where they also missed her cancer. The (detail removed by moderator) flat out told her that they would have never found her cancer until she had died because she didn’t fit the criteria to get an ultrasound scan. While on holiday, she was checked out abroad and she is *knock on wood* in remission now but it’s dreadful and sadly there are so many stories of these.

      It’s even more worrying when a mental health diagnosis causes GPs to dismiss patients. This only strengthens the stigma around mental health when GPs should be at the forefront of trying to breakdown the stigma. I’m so sorry you had to battle with your own GPs because of your bipolar diagnosis. That’s not right. No matter what diagnosis you might have had, as a victim of abuse they should have shown you care first. This presumption of patients lying because of mental health is so damaging. Had I been in your shoes, I don’t think I would have had it in me to even try to convince the GP. As victims of abuse we already struggle with feelings of guilt and selfblame and the fear that no one will believe us. GPs should be helping us overcome these obstacles, not become one themselves x

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