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      Today is really a horrible day for me. First I had flashbacks about the divorce and that I was divorced for unreasonable behavior.
      Later I found the disgusting so called sexy underwear that he had bought me in a sex shop.
      I cannot even touch it. It instantly sets me back to the horrid sexual abuse.
      When I left I packed everything and I must have just thrown this into the drawer with the rest of the underwear, my huge oversized comfy Bridget Jones panties.
      That piece also has a choker. He liked putting his hands around my throat. Phewww!
      That underwear is so dead ugly.
      I cannot believe how I happened to end up with such a sick man.
      It is in the bin now, but that does not help me, because I know it is there. It freaks me out.

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      I have a …which he gave me at Christmas, a normal nice present used by women, nothing linked to underwear. I cannot use it at all, it reminds me of what happened at Christmas time. It stays there on the floor, I won’t even pick it up to put it away.
      Some things just give you bad feelings. I am lucky I was never offered items like yours. I would have hated it.
      Just dump what needs to be thrown away, anything that reminds you of the past. Get new items which you can choose for yourself.
      I hope you are ok at the moment Ayanna.
      I love the Bridget Jones pants 😊
      Just thinking, can you burn the items rather than wait for the bins to be collected? They would disappear promptly!

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      The fumes of the fire would be too prominent for the neighborhood. I thought of this, but I do not want to cause any trouble. It is polyester and that smells badly when burnt.

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      Why not cut it to shreds and express all the anger you feel towards him whilst you do it xx

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      It is not anger. It is paralysation and utmost disgust what I feel. I cannot even touch it. I cried when I touched it. I had to take a tissue in order to pick it up and bring to the bin.

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      Hi Ayanna, I can understand how you can’t touch it. When he bought it, you had no idea how awful he was. Now you are looking back and can see him for what he was.

      I hope you are able to throw it out sometime soon. Erase all memories of the monster.

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