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    Hi I live with my partner and he put my name only on council tax bill. But he paid it from his card by direct debit. When I reported him, obviously he stopped paying. But police did nothing, and still both living in house.
    He never let me work or claim benefits.
    I’m financially controlled by him.
    But because he won’t let me work, and won’t let me claim benefits, I now have the council threatening me with court of non payment of council tax.
    I don’t know what to do.
    The only thing I managed was to delay the installments for (detail removed by Moderator) because of vivid. But I then have to pay without fail on (detail removed by Moderator).
    I have no money to pay it . Nothing. As he won’t let me work or claim.
    I’ve tried explaining to the council and they put me under a persistent complainer when I filed 2 emails only saying they wouldn’t listen to why I couldn’t pay.
    I’m liable as I live here, but don’t live here by choice.
    He’s got me trapped with council tax because I reported him.
    Citizen advice can’t help as they say it is my bill.
    But no one’s understanding I would pay it if I could. He won’t let me have money to pay it.
    I’ve tried women’s aid who said go to citizens advice.
    What would you do if this was you ? Can someone help and tell me what I can do about this bill please?
    I feel like I’m condemned to jail for non payment now. He’s sat here everyday laughing about it ordering expensive takeaways. He has the money to pay it. It’s a game to him. He’s trapped me with it. Please help. Thankyou.

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    Do you have any income or savings at all so that you can agree to pay them in instalments? They won’t send you to prison unless a court decides that you can pay but are refusing to pay. I think it will be failure obvious that you can’t pay.

    As far as I understand it, first they’ll try to take the money out of your wages. When they realise they can’t do that, they’ll apply to take it out of your benefits. When they realise they can’t do that, they’ll send the bailiffs around. Court fees and bailiff fees will be added to the bill. If you have no belongings of any value then they can’t take anything. If your partner has any belongings of value, they will take those unless he can prove they they belong to him.

    If you genuinely have no income, no savings and nothing of any value then I can’t imagine a court would send you to prison.

    In the meantime, you might need to try and be really brave and call the police to report financial abuse. Also, could you contact the council again and tell them that your partner is living there and see if they can put the council tax in joint names?

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    I’d ring the police and report the financial abuse to a domestic abuse officer. If you’re not working then there’s benefits available to you. Let the council tax know he’s living there and as he has an income and you don’t they’re more likely to chase him. Can you apply for a credit card? Would you consider moving out? Can you go and live with family or go into a refuge? It’s only going to get worse living with him. From a refuge you can start claiming benefits and get housing sorted for yourself x

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    Hello eggshells and KIP

    Thankyou for replies. No I have no savings and income at all. My bank balance is zero. So no chance of paying by installments. The only thing is my ‘permitted allowance ‘by him for me to buy him food. It’s only a few pounds literally like for bread, milk for him.
    I don’t have money hidden or any other account.
    It’s literally zero in the bank. I didn’t think of bayliff and court fees on top too till you said. I did at one point say to the council come to the house and take possessions. But they said had to get warrant to do that. I own nothing so it would be his possessions like TV and cooker. But would only cover about one month’s pay. He hides what he has.
    Thankyou eggshells and KIP for explaining process and suggestions.
    I think you are both right I need to try and be brave and try and re report to council and police. It’s just so scary.didnt think of credit card, could try that.hes isolated me from family and friends so can’t go to them.
    I don’t love him, I dont want to be here. I could only offer the council literally one to two pounds per week from his bread/milk food allowance money, but I don’t think they would accept it as it obviously won’t even dent the bill.
    I’m embarrassed by this. I used to be independent, drive, have my own car etc. He took it all.
    Thankyou both for replies and help.

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    Don’t be embarrassed, this isn’t your fault in any way, shape or form. I understand how frightening it can be to call the police but he’s kind of backed you into a corner.

    Have you called women’s aid or Refuge? They can’t help you with your council tax problem but they can help you to get out. If you don’t love him and you don’t want to be there, you don’t have to stay. Then you can call the council, tell them you’ve moved out and agree a payment plan once you can get some money coming in.

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    Is the tenancy in your name or both names. As a victim of domestic abuse the council have a duty to rehome you. Did you get a crime number from the police for the last they they were called. Many councils have now signed up to removed perpetrators from the home and tenancy. Try to get women’s aid on board again x

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    Perhaps try and make contact with your family. You won’t know how they’ll respond until you contact them.

    If my children had been distanced from me for some reason and I suddenly heard from them saying that the relationship was abusive and they needed help to get out, I’d be there like a shot. Telling them about the abuse might help them to understand why you’ve been so isolated.

    My Dad was shocked when I told him and we’ve formed a close relationship now.

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    I went online and removed my name from the council tax bill said I no longer lived there and that he was sole occupant. (detail removed by Moderator) A card came in with his name only and also a reduction in bill as he’s a single occupant. He still doesn’t know I did it.

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    He’ll eggshells, KIP, iwantme back,

    Thankyou all for your replies again. I felt so isolated with it till I got all your replies, like there was no way out.

    Eggshells, yes he has backed me into a corner, he really really has. I only tried women aid once so should try again.its a lightbulb moment when you said ‘but you don’t have to stay’, because when your in it you feel like there’s no life beyond. But your right I don’t have to be here, he just made me believe it’s him or nothing.i do need to find a way to get money coming in for me, I will ask council about payment plan. I’m glad you now have close relationship with your dad after you went through it, you are the best mum for being there for your kids in a shot like you said. Wise words. Thankyou.

    KIP, Thanks also there technically isn’t a tenancy with my (or his) name I don’t believe, but not sure. House belongs to people he knows. I have never seen a tenancy agreement. If he got one I don’t know if it’s his or my name on it, I did ask once, but he wouldn’t tell me. I didn’t know councils duty to re-home, or remove him either. Thankyou. I couldn’t get crime number, police didn’t want to know when I contacted them before, so no evidence of it. I will try get women’s aid on board again. Thankyou.

    Iwantme back, thankyou for your reply. It is also appreciated. I also didn’t know I could try and remove my name myself online. He’s got me in brain fog, can’t even think logically with it, just went in panic mode, like what he glad you were able to sort yours going online like this. I laughed when you said ‘he still doesn’t know’. Thankyou.

    He made me feel like I was alone and no one would help me for so long, and that I was stuck with him, have to do what he tells me, with no way out. But you all made me see there are options, there are things I can do, or try and do to resolve this.

    I appreciate all your help and replies so much. Thankyou eggshells, KIP, Iwantmeback.

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    Sorry meant ‘hi ‘ eggshells, KIP, Iwantme me back, not ‘hell’ in first line. I’m not swearing at you, I promise! I’m try to type from phone with sticky keys. Sorry!

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    Once we open up help comes to us. They rely on keeping us in the FOG of abuse (fear, obligation and guilt) check it out on line. Ask anything of us, if we can we’ll share what we know

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