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      Does anyone else get this? Why do they do it?
      He calls me repeatedly. I’ll start the day with a plan of what I need to get done that day, but he’ll keep calling, and he’ll be on the phone for at least an half an hour a time. I end up feeling very frustrated and drained. Today it’s not even lunchtime, but I now feel depressed and defeated.
      And if I miss calls, I’ll come back and see loads of missed calls. He won’t just miss me and try again later, he’ll repeatedly try. I can’t have a shower, use the loo, cook, do chores, make phone calls, and so on without being disturbed.

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      Hello Pears, from your other posts I can see that you’re still in the relationship, is that right?
      My partner has done this countless times before, called and if I don’t answer or text back sulked or got angry or demanded me to respond. Even if I’ve been at work or in an awkward position to reply.
      Your partner’s behaviour sounds very suffocating.
      Have you been able to reach out for any support from womens aid? Xx

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      My husband used to call me a lot ,when I was at work or out with a friend. It used to annoy me but it’s only now we are separated I see how abnormal it was. He would call to tell me the most trivial of things that could easily have waited until I got home. And if I was at home and didn’t answer mobile as used to leave it charging etc he’d get all grumpy.

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      My Ex used to do this a lot for (detail removed by Moderator) years running.I would ALWAYS have to have my phone with me and if it run out of battery or if ever I left it at home, I would panic and get myself in a state.So very stressful.I would have to be available to speak to him at all times and if I didn’t answer, he would bombard me with texts and continue to ring until I answered.I don’t know what went on in his head but if I missed his calls he would go crazy and literally ring me repeatedly until I answered.He would also expect me to answer when at work and start accusing me of things when I didn’t.Then he would facetime all the time to check up on me.Absolutely suffocating.It would only be his name in my caller list…

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      Mine did this too, texting 10-20 times a day – if was out with friends it was worse, he would message me and if I didn’t respond I’d know that I was in trouble when I got home – it’s really horrid and not until you are out of it that you realise that it’s not right

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