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      I don’t even know where to start.I’m feeling so low today.I have been out for (detail removed by moderator) and the council finally moved us as there was stalking and ongoing harassment.We moved yesterday.I had to do the whole move by myself while looking after the kids.I managed to pay a man and van to bring the white goods and a couple of other things but other than that I did it myself.It is a council property and the gas supply has been disconnected as it was empty.I have been trying to sort this since last Thursday.We didn’t have hot water or heating yesterday and we were so cold.The kids hardly slept last night and neither did I.They went back to school today and I been on the phone to the council for three hours to sort this issue but they are telling me the earliest an engineer can come out is next Wednesday.I can’t do a whole week without heating.It is freezing.I promised the kids , I will have it up and running when they are back from school.I haven’t told anyone from my ex partner’s family that we are moving and he obviously doesn’t know.The kids haven’t rung him in two days.I’m worried he will turn up at the school on top of all this and I know his family will think I am unreasonable because I never told no one about the move.My family are all abroad, funds are limited.It is all too much.I’m trying so hard for a better life for me and my kids but it’s not happening….

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      Hi beautiful Angel,
      I am so sorry to hear about your situation… no one should be living like this
      I wish we could post on here where we all are in country (of course I understand why we cant) but one of us maybe just down the road from you and willing to help out
      Is there someone who can help you out at the children’s school or that you can speak to? I know it is frustrating but maybe try and get onto the council again or women’s aid for support
      Please please please don’t ever forget the reason you are doing all this … for a better life for you and your children, don’t ever give up on that however tough it seems … that day will come and when it does you will appreciate it all the more for what you have been through
      I am sending you so much love and continued support
      Darcy xx

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      Thanks for your reply.Today has been a very stressful day.I couldn’t stop crying.The council told me that the earliest appointment to get my boiler up and running is next Wednesday and because my children are not under one, we are not a priority.I still can’t believe that they would leave me without hot water or heating in this cold weather for a week.We were so cold yesterday, we could hardly sleep.My kids started sneezing and I couldn’t leave the fan heaters on all night.Anyway after wasting a lot of time crying today, I picked myself up and contacted British gas.I decided to pay for it myself.My mum sent some money over.It was expensive but it’s warm now.I couldn’t have done another night.Thank you so much for your kind words!

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      Hi my darling… I am so glad you have got your heating up and running … its turned so cold
      I understand this is not the way it should have happened but sometimes we have to save ourselves
      So well done to you for taking control… you did exactly the right thing for your children and I promise you somewhere along the line you will be rewarded in some other way
      Please keep positive and hopeful, and always remember why you are doing this… for you and your children to have a better life
      I have sent you you a Private message … I am not sure if you were able to view this
      I hope you all slept better last night … cosy and warm
      D xx

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      Hi, just seen this, you shouldn’t have had to do that. Its another battle I know (and sometimes we don’t need anymore I get that!) but try and get the money back. It sounds strange but I contacted my local MP and they sorted loads of stuff like this out for me. They have a whole team of people sorting stuff like this out. Write to them, tell them your story, and I am sure they will work it out and work out you getting your money back. That is terrible leaving you and kids without heating for a week, and letting you into a property without heating. That’s against your human rights. The council shouldn’t let that happen, or the housing organisation who they farm it out to.
      Hope you’re feeling safer and better and warmer today. Amazing. well done for getting out and finding a new place and sorting it all out yourself, that is a big job. Hope you can get some down time and rest now, and breathe easy. Have you got local DA support there. Sending you a hug and a big high five for keeping going. x*x

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      That is just terrible, I’m really shocked you’ve been treated so badly. I wonder if Citizen’s Advice can tell you whether you can get the money back.

      I also wanted to say that the better life is happening! It might not be what you want yet, but you got out of a household that your kids would have felt unsafe in. The was a major step to take. Don’t underestimate how much you’re doing for them. Sending love xxxx

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      I just wanted to say how fantastic brave and amazing you are for getting out and for carrying on. What an amazing mum you are fighting so hard for those kids of yours.
      I really hope you get some support and help and that you continue to be the couragous amazing woman you are keep going you are doing great x

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      Thank you all so much for your kind words.I felt horrendous yesterday.Exhausted, lack of sleep…so depressed.We did have a good sleep last night in a warm house…thank God but I had to move the rest of our stuff out of our old home (removed by moderator) while the kids were at school.I don’t even have a car at the moment (removed by moderator).Anyway I rented a car (removed by moderator) and just went back and forwards loading it up.Our old home was (removed by moderator)and I really had to push myself.It was so hard without anyone helping.My back is killing me and I’m absolutely exhausted.It makes me really sad all this as I always had lots of friends until I met HIM and my family are all abroad.They couldn’t help me.I’m trapped here until I have full custody as I can’t just move the kids abroad.I should be happy in the new house but I’m not.The last two days have been so hard and so many things went wrong anf I haven’t got anyone to turn to.My cooker isn’t working as there is an issue with the wiring.So every time I turn it on, the fuse goes plus I noticed a little leak.And again it would take a week for someone from the council to come out.It is impossible.I’m back to work (removed by moderator)…full time.I also had to tell my ex that we moved as he wanted to speak to the kids.When I unblocked him he told me that (removed by moderator).He then accused me of being in bed with someone else etc.I told him that we had moved and then got more abuse.Obviously I didn’t tell him where to.But that was the ultimate loss of control.He’s been doing this all through the holidays ‘passing through’ every other day demanding that the kids (removed by moderator) but really he was just checking if I was there and controlling me.Even though he didn’t live with us anymore, it was still my prison.

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      Hey, hang in there with the new house,I had so much go wrong with the house I moved to, part of the living room ceiling collapsed due to a leak, there was the smell of cat wee everywhere and loads of stuff had to be ripped out of the house to get rid of the smell, it needed totally redecorating, I had to get a grant for a cooker and fridge freezer. Windows needed replacing. There are still many things to do and I have cried a lot, but, things come together when you least expect it & remember, you & your children are FREE and SAFE!!! That is such an amazing feeling, hold on to it ! Sending positive vibes and best wishes x

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