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      So my abusive relative is very Manipulative likes to play on the fact that he’s the “leader” of the house he charges up and down the stairs. Will stand outside my door obnoxiously laughing and making mocking noises.He also talks aloud to himself outside my door to provoke me by saying things like “(detail removed by Moderator)” I try my very best to not react by losing my patient in my room but he’s behaviour is a problem!. He knows it is my mum’s addressed it many times. He always wants to know about my personal business so he can spread rumours about me and gaslight me to further isolate me.Hes a family member I have never had a connection to so it’s easier for me to not fall for he’s lies. I’m by no means perfect and there’s been arguments where I said I hate him. He knows I don’t like him and i’ll maintain the physical distance. Any advice or suggestion would appreciated. Did your abuser provoke you by winding you up? How did you cope?

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      Hi there and welcome to the forum. Abusers always wind you up. If you can’t leave the house yet, read up on the grey rock method. It shows techniques and gives phrases to use in situations like ours.
      Its horrendous and soul destroying what these people do. Often others don’t realise the damage they are doing and so become accomplices. Trying to explain just how bad things are to someone who doesn’t understand, who isn’t being abused or hasn’t admitted they are being abuse also makes you sound as if you’re the crazy one. Their behaviour is crazy making. The coercive abuse act of 2015 comes with a prison sentence in some cases. Have you contacted your doctor with this yet. But starting a professional paper trail as to their abuse is the best thing you can do.
      Its all about power and control, think of this person as a child who hasn’t grown up, they react as children do as they haven’t grown up emotionally. For some reason that didn’t happen. Perhaps they were bullied, doesn’t matter, they are choosing to bully you. In familial abuse, there’s always a golden child and the scapegoat and others in between if any.
      Keep posting, read as much information on abuse as possible, there’s loads of you tube videos. This person is alienating you from the rest of the family by the sounds of it.
      The secret is to not rise to their abuse. At least until you can get away from it
      Stay strong, knowledge is power
      IWMB 💞💞

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      Thank you for replying that’s exactly it hes tried to have me sectioned twice (detail removed by Moderator) and forced my mum into making me homeless.They use religion to try and control my life what’s worst is my mum’s sisters is aware of his behaviour but is assisting having me kicked out. Its completely toxic he manipulated the receptionist at the station to think I am abusive to me mum. She fell for he’s fake compliments.

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