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      I’ve been trying for weeks now , through various agencies, to get some counselling , but despite initial telephone calls nothing ever transpires.
      Does anyone else have any experience of this, or any suggestions of anywhere to try?

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      Have you spoken to your GP? Have you tried the internet for local charities that may offer it. Can you afford to go private? Your local MP may know of something. Your local women’s aid. Victim Support for your area. Your local NHS may have something online x just keep looking and asking. I know the waiting list is huge for NHS counselling in my area.

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      Thanks for your reply.
      The GP is the only avenue I haven’t tried yet. As you say, I imagine the waiting list will be very long.
      I’m beginning to think my only option will be to go private, just have to make sure I do some research so I get someone who specialises in this kind of abuse/problems.
      Thanks xx

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      Hey, I did IESO once(which the GP told me about), it’s self referral, online and fast. But it only offers CBT. Which is great, but I not that helpful for abuse. In the end they referred me to my local WA.

      Other therapy the GP told me about can take so long, but I think its more important to find a therapist with the right experience.

      WA and my local WA cannot help me find a therapist with the relevant experience. I did try two private therapist before who said they had ’emotional abuse experience’ but they really did not. They confused me more and made me think I was the problem and I could fix things.

      So I really am a bit stuck on how to find a good therapist. I was wondering if my GP may know of one. Let us know if you find a way to find one with the right experience!

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      Grey Rock


      Yes, counselling is thin on the ground and tricky to access.

      Have you considered the Freedom Program via Women’s Aid at all? Im starting this in September, and I did sone 1 to 1 work via zoom with a women’s aid support worker going through the the Living With a Dominator book which was very helpful for me in understanding some of the ways I dealt with the situation of living with an abuser and my mental and emotional state after escaping. Not quite the same as therapy I know, but the experience and insight that the Women’s Aid workers have was very helpful to me.


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      @blueskies3 try looking up the counselling directory. You can filter by speciality, area & many other things. They are all BACP registered and many will offer sliding scale if you ask.

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      Thank you all for your replies.
      I’ll look into the IESO help.
      I’ve also used private counsellors in the past, but as Eyesopening said, they can leave you more confused if they don’t fully understand emotional abuse. This is why I was wanting to go through a recognised agency for help, but have found them frustrating as after an initial telephone consultation/assessment I never hear back from them. It would be better if they would just say we can’t help you, or our waiting list is X , rather than wasting time waiting for help that isn’t going to happen.
      If I make any progress I’ll let you know.
      Thanks x

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      Hi Blueskies3

      It’s a long road for sure to get counselling or support, but keep going. I’ve managed to get on Freedom programme at a later date. Your GP can help to give your support groups to contact. I have had some counselling over zoom which was very useful. This was one for carer’s.

      A lot of support has been affected by Covid, hopefully this will slowly change. Any counselling programme took a long time to join even before Covid.

      Any insight into understanding what has/is happened/happening is helpful. The self-help books are useful and may fill the gap.

      Good luck with your quest


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      Try googling IAPT and add in the name of the area you live in. If IAPT operate in your area you can self refer.

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      Thanks for your help.
      I’ve googled IAPT NHS, it asked for my GP surgery which I put in, but my GP’s surgery isn’t coming up, but one down the road, which will be under the same NHS Trust is?
      Any suggestions? xx

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      Phone them and ask. As far as I’m aware, they cover an NHS area and not a GP surgery. There’s another organisation that I learnt about from Lisa. I’ll see if I can find it.

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      Found it. Please Google “Women’s Trust”. xx

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      Many thanks again for all your support.
      I’ve looked at Womans’ Trust. The website seems useful with videos you can watch and they offer counselling.

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