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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve finally been diagnosed with CPTSD and I’m being referred for EMDR therapy. Has anyone had experience of this? Has it helped?

      Thank you in advance xx

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      Hi, yes I found it really helpful. There are various kinds of EMDR so you can find one that suits you. The one I’m using is when you visualise an incident and deal with that one incident. The one that causes you most distress. Hopefully as you deal with the bigger traumatic events then the smaller ones will sort themselves out. I didn’t want to do EMDR that opens the flood gates as we weren’t sure what would come flooding out and you don’t have the same control as doing it one incident at a time. Start slowly but for me it took the panic and emotions out of the memories x

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      Hi KIP,

      It’s so good to hear that it’s helped you and thank you for sharing. I’m relieved I’m finally getting specialist help but I am kind of terrified of facing my emotions so it’s reassuring to hear that it’s not likely to be an onslaught of horror.

      I’ve been reading up about CPTSD and EMDR for a while but I really wanted to hear from those I trust to be honest about the experience. So thank you ❤️

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      You can start with small things that have nothing to do with abuse. I was having panics in the car when I saw road works and we sorted that out. I couldn’t be shut in the opticians and we sorted that out so I could get my eyes tested. Things that are perhaps holding you back just now can be tackled too. Maybe make a list of the things you want to work on. Any memories that keep popping up or any problems you have. Yellow roses was another panic for me. He used to buy them after an abuse episode and sometimes even before so I was panicked when I saw them. We sorted that out too x

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      Oh KIP re the roses….what a basket!

      I’ll start listing the things that cause me the greatest issues….that’s invaluable advice – thank you.

      I know the biggest one for me as I can’t even talk about it yet! I’m guessing that one will be the final horray!

      Mine will be a bit woolly, like being asked questions makes me start to panic.

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      I have emdr and it is the only thing that has really helped me with cptsd. You need to get to know your therapist. I’ve built up a relationship and I trust her so much I’ve told her everything. It is hard work but they will teach you sensory ways to cope and you only fob what you feel comfortable with. I really push myself hard because I’d rather pull the plaster right off but it’s the pace that is right for you. We’ll done for going ahead. It’s a hard step x*x

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      Hi FF,

      That is brilliant that you’ve been able to trust enough to share your story….that must have taken so much; a huge well done hug from me.

      I’ve no idea how long I’ll have to wait to start but it feels like a huge step forward to get a professional to finally recognise the massive damage that the abuse has caused. I know from your posts that you too have had to cope with huge emotional issues so it’s really encouraging to hear it’s helping (I’m so pleased for you my lovely.) I’m dreading the biggie but I guess as IWMB would say….time to pull up those big girl pants ;).

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