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      So following on from a recent post I’m still trying to get over the fact that my ex is with someone else. For some time I’ve tried keeping my emotions in check. However lately I’ve cried bucket loads. I found myself sat pining after him, wishing things could work between us. So I went to the bathroom and had a good cry. It kind of felt like a release. Letting all my emotions out. It did make me feel better. Not brilliant but I felt like it was needed. My advice to anyone is, don’t hold it in. In can make your pain feel 100 times worse. Dont be ashamed of feeling sad. Have a good cry. Cry several times a day if you need to. Just let it out. I think it’s part of the healing process. I hope I’m a step closer. I know I’ve still got far to go but I’ll get there

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      Yes. Some of us lost the ability to cry in an abusive relationship because it made things worse so let if flow. I like to hug lots of pillows and cushions too. It’s really comforting. Just know it’s all part of healing. We grieve so we can move on in a healthy way x

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      Sorry to read your struggling. Yes, it hurts feeling forgotten and that he’s loving someone else, doesn’t it! but is he really? Loving. I agree, crying is healing, let the pain out! Your not alone with your tears, were all doing it with you. Wishing us all, over it! soon!💞

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      Crying is very therapeutic, so good you still can do that, I’ve pretty much lost the ability as I saw it gave HIM pleasure.

      Please don’t sit at home pining for him though, it really hurts me to hear you are doing that, hopefully you’ve got past that a bit more now, life’s too short to be giving him so much space in your head.
      Time to remember who you are and what your passions are, try to get out there and follow some of those things again? I used to start looking for posters and announcements of upcoming events in my area, write them down and try some of them.
      Also it’s important to remember you can’t separate mental and physical health, so look after your wellbeing.
      I actually watch a lot of self improvement and health videos on YOUTube, information is power and helps you see the bigger picture.
      These people can’t interact in a meaningful way with anyone, they are lacking the skill set, so pity anymore else he gets involved with, they’ll get the same treatment you did sooner or later

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