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    I’m looking at divorcing my husband. If I go on the grounds of his unreasonable behaviour do I have to wait a year after we separated before I can do this?

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    No. Unreasonable behaviour is the fastest way to get a divorce. He won’t like it though and be prepared to have it contested. I had to remove a lot of the (detail removed by Moderator) before my ex would accept it. Also, keep your marriage certificate out of his hands. Mine tried to initiate his own divorce proceedings so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed by having his unreasonable behaviour (detail removed by Moderator).

    If he doesn’t have your marriage certificate, he can’t start divorce proceedings.

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    Please use a solicitor who truly understands domestic abuse. Your local Women’s Aid can help you, or the domestic abuse team at the police. There’s loads of information on youtube about divorcing a n**c. It’s not the same as divorcing a normal person, so please research and be prepared!

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    Hi Blossom3, Just read your post I am currently going through a divorce and it has taken nearly (detail removed by Moderator) years just for the finances and is still ongoing with him refusing to move out so stuck in the same house! I applied for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour and he didn’t like or agree with the reasons stated but didn’t contest it just got his solicitor to make a note that he didn’t agree with it.
    But the biggest mistake I made was not finding a solicitor experienced in domestic abuse. I think I am too far down the process to change my solicitor as far as finance are concerned (detail removed by Moderator) but I have been looking for an experienced one for the child care arrangements as he is turning my kids against me and get the feeling he’s trying to take them. I am still waiting for a response from women’s aid to recommend one but my GP recommend one. Good luck, I hope it all goes okay for you.

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    Hi Kazz, I changed my solicitor (detail removed by Moderator) weeks before (detail removed by Moderator). It was a good move. It’s not too late to change.

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    I’m in the middle of a divorce (delayed due to backlogs (detail removed by Moderator), thanks to covid) but am not too impressed by my solicitor whom I think is more interested about making money for the firm. What could be done in a couple of email exchanges somehow manages to be spooled out much longer, and so costs more! Like Kazz, I thought I had selected one who knew about domestic abuse issues. We haven’t yet progressed to the financial side of things. Is it too late to change solicitor, and how do I do this when their firm is named as acting on my behalf on the divorce petition?

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    Hi Cirrocumulus, I am in the process of trying to find a new solicitor with experience, I e-mailed Women’s Aid last Week (can’t ring he’s always at home) but still no response, my GP recommend one who I also e-mailed but again, no response. Based on Eggshells post above it sounds like you can change weeks before the court date. I,ll let you know if I ever get a response and what they say.

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