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      Hockey Stick


      I left my abusive partner a few years ago and have started to do really well and feel like I have been managing and slowly moving forward.

      A few days ago I had a horrible dream where my ex partner was trying to murder me through different ways, strangling, stabbing me with scissors and garden shears, strangling with rope. I kept asking people around to help and call the police but no one did. The dream was really vivid and realistic. The dream came out of nowhere. I haven’t had any contact for a long time or thought about my ex part so this was all out of the blue

      Now I can’t get it out of my head and I feel like I’ve gone backwards. I keep crying and feeling guilty. All those previous feelings have come right back and I can’t seem to get them out of my head.

      I’ve spoken to friends and they say don’t worry about it, it was just a dream. They say try to forget about it.

      I feel so silly and stupid posting on here about it, especially when there are far worse things to happen and going for others but I just needed to off load.

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      Don’t feel silly. That’s what this forum is for. Unfortunately you cannot control your dreams and you may get this every so often. You can try and focus on the fact that you managed to escape that abusive relationship. I know it’s not easy having these dreams and they will continue you affect you long after you’ve woken up, but it is a dream and you will snap out of it. Just remind yourself you are no longer living that nightmare. I hope you are proud of yourself that it has been years since you’ve broken free. Any time you need to vent, you can always come on here. Big hugs x

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        Hockey Stick

        Thank you for your message, you’re right it is nice to be able to talk on here. Yes I keep having to remind myself I did the right thing and am no longer in that situation and am so much better off for it. Big hugs to you too x

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      That sounds a disturbing experience. I’ve had nightmares, waking up in a cold sweat etc since I stopped all contact with my abuser several years ago.
      I guess that our experiences affect us all in different ways and we don’t really get to choose them though I’ve had various rounds of counselling, medication, group work etc to try to lessen the impact.

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        Hockey Stick

        Hi Swanlake,
        Thank you for your message and understanding. Yes you’re right we don’t always get to choose when and how our experiences affect us. I’m still learning how to cope and manage when this happens.
        Hopefully the counselling etc has helped lessen the impact for you. This forum and having others (like yourself) to talk and share with is a great help too. Sending big hugs x

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