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      My ex used to make me eat more than I wanted as he likes big women.
      Since the relationship ended I have dropped a huge amount of weight and now after I eat I automatically feel as though I am going to throw up..
      I have actually been physically sick to the point blood as been in my sick.
      I have been to the doctor and he said well you should be happy you used to be very heavy!
      It isn’t the way I want to be people are commenting on how thin I am getting especially for my height s I am tall.
      I have no control of it I feel worse.
      Also started to have dreams of him.. Lately I’ve had such a need to be back with him. The fact he is happy with someone else makes me feel like been sick more.
      I have no control of my body now and I’m panicking 😢😢

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      Falling Skys

      Hi FA

      Mine use to control what I ate, you don’t say if you are making yourself sick or if its just happening.

      I would eat and within an hour it would pass through me with stress. If its because a big meal makes you ill, try instead of three meals a day eat a little at a time but more often.

      If you are not getting the support you need from the doctor you have seen try another, also do the know you are coming out of an abusive relationship? \mine have been great since its come out.

      Also at times they come back in to our dreams and thoughts its the way our minds are coping for what we’ve been through and putting it in order.

      Good luck your doing great

      FS xx

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      Hi Hun
      He is not happy with anyone he will be abusing her too
      They can not just change and be happy only their abuse tactics change
      Think of all the abuse that you got away from and that will make you not feel like going back .
      You could Try just having soup and just little things at a time to see how you go
      Well done in getting away from your abuser
      Big hugs xx

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      Main Moderator

      Your doctor has not been very helpful. To comment that you should be happy that you are lighter now shows no understanding of what you are actually saying regarding your association to food. Maybe you could request seeing a nutritional or a diet specialist. It sounds like you might need help dealing with the post affects of your domestic abuse relationship. Are you in touch with your local dv support service? They might be more helpful and understanding than your doctor.

      Best wishes


      Forum Moderator

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      Hi HUn

      Tried to reply to u last night but wouldn’t let me post, how insensitive of your gp, i would go back and make another appointment maybe with another gp and explain u have come out of abusive relationship and this is the effect it has had on u, maybe start of with small amount of food and build up into routine . As to dreams it is how your body is responding, which i think is good sign , my ex comes in my dreams and it leaves me feeling horrible , normally cause have been thinking of him or how my body is responding to how much i can accept of how he treated me after keeping it blocked for so long. Are u with counselor, i find speaking helps me loads , i actually at one stage cried in my dreams about my ordeal and my counselor said its the way your body is processing it all

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      I did the opposite of what you do FallenAngel, I began to binge eat galore and piled on the pounds. My GP asked me why I gained so much weight in such a short time. They said I need to control myself. The mental health nurse said it is no problem I have to deal with this, this cannot be so difficult. The only person who understood what happened with me is my Gastroenterologist, who treats me for IBS, and he referred me to a dietician.
      But the truth is that eating disorders root in the mental health and the treatment should be there. It seems the medical professionals have a widespread lack of knowledge when it comes to mental wellbeing.

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