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      I managed to get registered secretly on the register. I was so happy when I received that letter several months ago.
      But the council where I live is (removed by moderator). They do not send me any info re elections. And now I received a letter through the post that I have to register as nobody is registered in the accommodation where I live.
      I instantly had a PTSD flare. I have to stay indoors now and try to calm myself down. I cannot look for the letter and I cannot access the email or phone number for these people. The reason is that I would yell at them and curse them with swear words and also I would write a very horrible email to them, because I am so angry. My anger shoots through the roof and there is nothing that can stop it or reduce it. I am unable to deal with this problem. I think I will not vote, because I cannot deal with that. I thought everything was in place and fine and now this. (Removed by moderator).

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      Hi Ayanna,

      PTSD makes you hyper-vigilant and stuck in fight or flight mode.

      You deserve to vote. These organisations are often confused, the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

      One thing that helped me calm down in my reactions was looking at Distress Tolerance Techniques- you can google this.


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      It’s ok. It’s just an automatically sent letter. My block of flats that is being renovated gets them all the time. I went and had a meeting with one of the people working in the electoral section and showed him my paperwork about the abuse and being in a refuge.

      He said it was ok if I didn’t register and just to ignore any other requests.

      My opinion is just use the Distress Tolerance techniques as Serenity said and then write an email. Re-read the email the next day after you have written it so as not to appear completely deranged and then send it.

      I know it feels like a big deal but try with some positive affirmations and it will seem small.

      Remember we have rights in the country. They often threaten things but when a judge looks at it you often just get a slap on the wrist which is nothing and no record. It’s completely unreasonable for abuse survivors to register if they feel at risk.

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      Thank you both. I looked it up and it is very helpful. I will use this frequently 🙂

      SaharaD I am on the electoral register, but my details are hidden for safety reasons. I got the confirmation several months ago. Somehow the council is unable to deal with this and they do not send me paperwork for elections and now they say I am not on it.

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