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      ladiesand gentlemen

      Just posted husband hurts himself
      Can anyone help, this is hell, he now says I mean nothing to him.
      Have lost (detail removed by moderator) this last 18 months, have no parents and no friends, we move so often, I am now so alone and don’t like to bother recently bereaved relatives.
      My daughter is grown up now, and without her and the animals I would be totally bereft, the rows, the lies, the selfish selfish behaviour, being ignored all the time(unless there is a drama)the constant moods, the punches to the head, broken elbow, broken fingers, bruises to my chest, both ears split etc etc etc
      I never expected my life to be like this, had a happy secure childhood.
      Sorry if this sounds weird, it just came out this way
      Thanks for being there

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      Your not alone, it seems you are but there is always someone here to listen and message, if you want a chat we are here. Xx

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      ladiesand gentlemen

      Thank you SO much xx

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      Main Moderator

      Hi Ladiesandgentlemen

      I just wanted to show you some support, I understand that you are feeling isolated, it must be so difficult for you. You don’t deserve to be treated like this at all.

      I saw on another post that you have now contacted your local domestic abuse service, you have done the right thing by reaching out to them and I hope they can offer you the support you need. It sounds like you are close with your daughter and your animals, they must really need you.

      Please keep posting, we are all here for you.


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      ladiesand gentlemen

      Thank you So much Lisa
      I have dealt with this for many many years, these last few months I have slowly started telling people, also we have lost (detail removed by moderator) family members during the last (detail removed by moderator) pets, all in all it is extremely hard to cope with all that’s gone on. I also have (detail removed by moderator), so I am very very tired all the time.
      My Daughter has kept me going and the animals always make me smile, and of course they always need a cuddle.
      Thank you and all the team for their continued support to all the ladies that need it.
      Take care x*x

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      Main Moderator

      Hi Ladiesandgentlemen

      I just wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear about how you have lost family members and pets, you have had a really difficult time recently. Please keep reaching out for support.

      I hope you are finding the forum helpful.

      Stay strong and keep posting,


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      ladiesand gentlemen

      Thank you Lisa
      I will keep posting, it helps just to get it off my chest, plus these lovely ladies on here have a lot of really great advice.
      Thank you all for being there
      Lots of love x*x

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      I am so alone, I left a while back but the abuse is ongoing When COVID started his father refused to take the children to his house, my (detail removed by Moderator) year old was so upset I had to step up and take them. Now I am trapped into it, then when my son goes I worry for the hours he is away.

      I have no help no support no family and no friends and Im (detail removed by Moderator)!

      Hoping this chatting will help – so if anyone wants to chat to me please do. xxxx

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      ladiesand gentlemen

      Hi givemehope
      What a horrible situation for you, I would be exactly the same if my daughter went away like that, maybe now the country is coming back to normal things will change ?
      Keep posting, these lovely ladies on here are SO kind and supportive, always here for a natter, and they REALLY understand whatever it is you are going through.
      If things don’t change ? try calling his bluff and act as though you are not bothered, I have managed to do this, its really really hard but it seems to help(me anyway)
      Try to find your local women’s abuse centre, they are really kind and will understand.
      Keep your p****r up.
      Take care
      Lots of love x*x

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      Hi ladies,

      It sounds like you’ve been dealing with so much recently.

      It can be really hard at times, even when you have loving support around you so you have done so well to keep going through everything that has been thrown at you.

      @ladiesand gentlemen, I’m so sorry to hear of all your loss, it must be heartbreaking for you and I can understand how isolating it must feel.

      You’re not alone. I know that the forum isn’t friends in the flesh but it is a great support for anyone who needs it.

      We’re with you. xx

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      ladiesand gentlemen

      Thank you all SO much
      Keep posting, it really helps
      Stay safe x*x

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