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      My boyfriend has bullied & swore ar me so I would buy a house (detail removed by Moderator) miles away from all family & friends( I divorced my abusive husband after [detail removed by Moderator]years) soon after met this boyfriend who is more abusive & a very clever manipulator
      I pay (detail removed by Moderator) mortgage which is crippling me, work (detail removed by Moderator) a week online at home which was his idea, cook, clean, decorate & do the garden, I wanted something smaller so I could have a life & I have physical disability so it is a struggle
      I have very little spare money & dont go out
      & he sits in my house all day as he doesnt need to work
      He has moved in with me to help with my bills (detail removed by Moderator)
      He doesnt take me out
      I am feeling very isolated & alone
      If I say I want a job closer to my daughter/ friends or a job with more money he talks me out of it & swears & shouts & says I am mentally disturbed for complaining & I need to shut up & threatens to leave me here alone
      I feel very trapped & alone & my self worth is through the floor, dont know how I haven’t been sacked yet, cannot concentrate on my job, & he disturbs/ interrupts me all day when I am trying to work
      He can be very nice but it never lasts & is very nasty the rest of the time, he says I am very selfish & need to think of him
      I spend my life shut in the bedroom of my house to stay away from him while he uses the rest of my house
      I feel so miserable & alone & have started binge eating and picking my skin until it bleeds
      Dont know how to begin to get away from him

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      Hello and welcome, I’m so sorry to hear what you’re experiencing. It sounds like you’re suffering from financial, emotional and verbal abuse. Similar to you my ex paid bare minimum towards the house but I was supposed to be grateful for that, whilst he acted like he owned the place. Also when wfh he had zero respect for my job and would interrupt me for daft reasons or make lots of noise.

      You don’t have to live like this and there’s lots of support available, have you reached out to woman’s aid? Also educate yourself about abuse/abusers – watch dr Ramani, read Lundy Bancroft’s book or pat craven’s book both get recommended on here a lot and really help. Learning about abusers helps you to recognise you’re not the problem here and build up the confidence to think about how you want to live. Good luck x

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      Thankyou so much x
      I have started reacting back to the constant aggression,
      & then I am called the abusive one

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